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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

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P2k imperial csgo betting

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Even taking a look into the FT market, there's tons of potential in stickers applied selling for I'll admit, a bit more than expected. Whether it's in BS condition or a shocking FN version, it's not hard to blame anyone for having at least one considering it costs just over a dime to get one! And that's even in MW Condition!

But with so many out there, you can imagine having one of them won't impress your friends that easily right? Not unless you have a heck of a great sticker craft to it! Being an Ivory color handle and under the barrel, the solid black barrel leaves this simple design with an amazing amount of crafts waiting to be pursued! Pro players, community stickers, Pro teams, or even the Master Chief Collection, it does not matter as the Ivory goes well with anything!

Even StatTrak MW's, you can score some potentially epic crafts for just dimes more than market price! Just make sure if you do this, check in game inspecting them to see if they aren't scraped. For two of these skins, you don't exactly need stickers for them, though you're going to need your bank in case if you want StatTraks. But if you're looking for top notch deals for a few bucks, you're in the right area! Being a black handle and black silencer, its stainless steel color Hence the name is one amazing looking skin!

That contrast of color is just gorgeous! I mean, get one in a great float and my goodness it's clean! Yeah it's going to set you back a few bucks and StatTrak really isn't an option, but at the same time you'll be gawking over this thing in game.

Even without the StatTrak's, the value out of this thing is actually impressive. You wouldn't have thought an all silver steel barreled USP design and calling that a skin would work out right? Heck, I checked the market and already there's a couple potential deals out there! With a few G2 stickers calling, Dennis the pistol master was there too ready to be bought up as well as SK gaming cologne, and even a Ninja's in Pyjama's Berlin with a London G2 sticker!

After all, if you really like MiBR, G2, and SK gaming and can afford some stickers for this USP, you're going to be thanking yourself for an epic craft once you're in game! And for all that you'll still have the funds left over! Unless you're buying StatTraks. All in all, it's an incredibly solid skin for a pretty modest price and worth that Top 5 Ranking. Some days you'll find a pure black one and others you're going to find what looks to be a silver disk circling the barrel.

Whichever one you like, it's certainly an original Glock! Oddly enough, it's also quite cheap and doesn't even need stickers to make it look better. Really, I'm not sure what else to say! It's an amazing looking skin no matter how you slice it! However, it has to settle for a 5th ranking as there's some even crazier Glock skins out there.

Just look at that red coloring with engraved Dragon outlining! Truthfully speaking, this P2K is up there with the elite of the elite just losing out to the Fire Elemental. That's a whole lot cheaper than a Fire Elemental! But it's not like you're sacrificing quality! Just look at that Dragon! Holy crow this thing looks epic! You don't even need stickers for this icon either! It's just too good not to be placed in the Top 5 though sadly it has to stall out here as if you're looking for StatTraks for each of your skins, I'm afraid you'll have to make do without one or even two of them.

Still, regardless if you want StatTrak or not, you'll be enjoying this dragon in game for the price. If anything, you might be impressing your friends with these awesome three pistols and getting a heck of a deal for all of them in the process. It's been a heck of a ride and while some epic skins have been ranked, the next Four cement themselves atop this list!

Let's start out by introducing the USP. Being that it has a great amount of stickers already on Market, they aren't even that much overpriced. That said, just as I keep advising, please check in game for placement and condition of those stickers. Really, there's nothing bad I can say about this skin! It's cheap, amazingly cool in game, and can even impress a few of your buddies, especially with an amazing Craft.

So go hunting Tiger! From the Italy Collection, it has a massive fan base around this skin! And there's no wonder why either. The basic Black handle and Candy red color say it all! It's so simple and yet it's one of those skins that you just can't ignore. Unless you're a die-hard blue color gamer, odds are you've owned or know someone that's owned this beast.

And with stickers all over the Market ready to be sold, crafts on this thing span far and wide. Not just that, look at the price point. With this costing only four dimes, it's one of those deals that feels too good to be true. Especially if you have a sick craft you scored for no additional price.

Oddly enough, it is true and if you get this in game in a crazy good MW float, you'll be more than happy to use it on T-Side. So enjoy this sweet treat of a deal! And let's be honest, the Dragon is an icon and way better looking, but for just a dime USD, this P2K is one of the best deals you could ever find! Look at it! With a blackish grey camo as the handle, it fades so well into a dark red and gives a slight modern stripe down the top of the barrel. And being you can score stickers for literally pennies more, there's nearly an endless amount of opportunities on the Market!

Again, I'm not knocking down the Imperial Dragon. It's an amazing skin for the P2K and a lot of players would love to own it! And you don't even feel cheated out of your Ten Cents either. It's just this darn good. And though you may not impress your friends as easily, you have plenty of room for some other skins down the road to impress them with.

Especially considering you can't get all three of them in StatTrak Form. Yeah I know I was really wrestling that concept for a while though after some consideration they had to belong here for a few reasons. Let's start with the USP shall we? That's a heck of a lot! And whilst I agree it is, technically speaking, you can get a StatTrak form of this skin and snatch both the Glock and P2K. However, you wouldn't have a chance of getting them in StatTrak form unless you're hyper lucky with buy orders.

It's happened before! So while you do have a chance if you go down this route, one thing is for sure. Hundreds of this skin sell each day via the Steam Market and there's a reason why. A Black Handle consisting of a small skeleton, it shows its skull open and a pink goop rising to the steel looking barrel. Swirling throughout the barrel, some steel looking silver still shows as the brain-like color drifts into the blackish silencer and spells out "USP".

And apparently that's hyper cool as so many just want to get this skin. Personally speaking, you don't even need to get stickers on this thing if you want one. Truthfully speaking, you're better off keeping this beast stock. But it's going to be worth it since there aren't many pink skins in the game like this one. Now go headshot hunting! Sadly, those days are dwindling with thanks to a few mew concepts being released.

That said however, it's a perfect time to revisit an old classic from the Gamma 2 Collection. And being this is one of the most iconic cheaper versions of the Glock, that's an absolute steal! I mean, look at this cute little guy! A silver flower background for a brown weasel just screams Epic! And though some like the Flash Gaming Blue Weasel craft, some just like to keep this skin plain. Personally, I tend to agree with keeping it clean, though there can still be some amazing crafts involved with it.

But no matter what, regardless if you go with a StatTrak version or a normal one, getting one won't be a mistake! It's just too nice in game! Heck, it hasn't even been a year since it came out and look at this thing! That works perfectly! With a base of purple-ish, a combination of green, yellow, orange, and blue colors can be spotted striping, splotting, and drooling down a few parts of this skin.

That gives this P2K such a unique and original design that pulls it off so well! Heck, there's even a Clover at the top of the barrel wishing you luck as you attempt to best the T-Side on pistol round! Really I have no complaints about this epic skin as it's trying to find its footing on the Market. Personally speaking, Buy Orders may be the wise choice here as it seems to continue to go down in price.

As for stickers however, don't count on the market much as they don't have a lot of options for FT and Stat FT versions. That said, if you have some creative ideas with North, Cloud 9, or some other teams, it could look unbelievably sweet! All in all, it's more than a solid skin! It's a great deal considering it's just a few pennies more than a half dollar.

There's just so much there that you'll be impressed it's this inexpensive skin! Maybe even your friend will be too. With two seriously Iconic skins ranking here, it's hard to give reasoning why all three of these amazing skins don't get that number one spot. But regardless, all three of these skins are epic in their own right! So without further delay, let's give a reasoning to these three titans of pistol skins. Sadly for those who love the Cyrex, I can't have it placed at 1 at the moment.

That said, this epic USP is by no means a loser. The White, black, and red accents give this skin a near flawless look in game. And better than that are the creative minds of gamers everywhere applying stickers to this thing. Seriously, some of these crafts are insanely magnificent to the point words can't express it anymore.

Pro stickers put on this skin just make it pop to the point you would be a criminal not screenshooting it. And to the point of stickers, there's a near endless supply for the Cyrex on the Market. Make sure to check in game if they are in good condition and of placement because if they are, for a few dimes more than standard market, you're going to be yelling how nice some of these crafts look!

You can even afford StatTrak for this skin! So why in the actual world is this just at 2? Well, sadly, it's as simple as this. Though this is no doubt an epic skin, the price pint is good, but not as good as our last USP. Look at that water dragon with the red background! It's outstanding!

Even if you get a BS condition one, it's so worth the price to own an icon! It's most definitely going to impress your friends just like the Cyrex! You don't even need stickers for it! Just owning this great is plenty! Bang for Buck though, there's one other that beats it, even though it's more iconic than it.

And for this reason, I must confess, the Water Elemental has to be ranked 2 for its sheer price point. You can't score this in StatTrak and the other skins regardless what you try. So get the "Water Gun" and have a blast in game! Red shifting into black, it's nothing like Minecraft!

A circular looking flame covering the background of the skin through the red and black, it just looks so dang cool holding in game! And for something that's only a half dollar in USD, that's a heck of a score for something that awesome looking! For a couple of stickers going with it on the Market, it can also be hone to a couple cool looking Crafts! Honestly, it's one skin that looks so much more incredible than some of the other P2K skins for a fraction of the price, which leaves it staying as the 2 best P2K value wise.

That in no way however should take away from the fact these three red-ish skins are incredible in game and so worth their value. They're just too boss! This skin is just that good for the USP! But why did it best the Cyrex for 1? You can realistically buy this and either choice of the Moonrise or Obsidian for just as much as the Cyrex alone! That's why this outranks the Cyrex.

You really do get so much more bang for your buck. Yeah the Cyrex can be better looking, but able to get two skins for the price of one just puts it over the top. With an incredible amount of stickers to go with it in the market for not much over market, the craft potential is nearly infinite. Not just that, any team can be put on the Torque and have it match up well! Even the Blue Cloud 9 stickers match up well with this!

Heck, if you're a Flipsid3 fan and want a craft with your favorite green team, it easily makes it look cool too! It's far too brilliant! For being incredibly cheap now in days, it offers a lot! A purple sky with buildings and a white moon to compliment a black handle, it just looks too dang good to be a mere four dimes worth.

But it is! To top it, if you're lucky enough to get a star pattern A star on one of the indents of the Glock. And being a pattern skin, the moon can be all over the barrel of the Glock. You don't even need stickers for this epic behemoth! But on the off chance you want some, fret not, there's plenty in the Market for pennies over the standard price. So go chase that moonrise and enjoy a sick skin in game for only a few left over dimes and enjoy!

And if you want it StatTraked, all you have to do is shell out just a dollar more for FT condition. It really has so much to offer for the money. My gosh this thing is spectacular in game! A blue base with white and a comic book feeling along with it, and anyone can feel like they're in an action hero clutch moment.

But if you're not entirely sold without needing a sticker or two, the Market has you covered again. Looking around, pennies and dimes are all you need for some great looking stickers. Again however, check in game to see if they are intact and in a great condition.

For most of the time though, you'll be finding blue stickers and the occasional green Optic Gaming out there. Heck, even if you want a red sticker placed on this thing, it's still going to look phenomenal as the Handgun just can't miss with those amazing looks! It had to be 1 because of its iconic styling, amazing price, and sticker versatility. It did it all better than the previous nine and I don't see this changing anytime soon.

And incredibly huge and sincere thank you to the following: Ejdre Crazy Conure Sycept Poophrey Donkey I legit couldn't have done this without them! So please if you could thank them, I would be hugely appreciative! Y'all rock for helping me out! Thank you! That's the list!!! He charges a million a shot. I emptied the mag. Was he wearing armor? I'm pretty sure he died from the first shot, but one can't be too careful.

Fortunately there is a discount program. I take 1 million dollars off for each bullet I put in you. I'll get my check book. The real OP weapon. If I ever picked it up I'd get a controller to the back of the head. Pity, if I remember correctly, that you could not get both in a multiplayer game. I bags Oddjob. Perfect height to not get shot. I told people his helmet added armor. Wore all black so you were pretty much invisible in shadows. Was kinda lame since it was linear and you could just stalemate.

You could even walk through the multiplayer barriers on Facility and other levels. Let me have my moment. Makes sense I guess. Insta kill and insta destroy. I thought that was only in Perfect Dark. The way he would sneak his weapon of choice across borders was by disassembling it and having each part pose as an unassuming yet gold plated object. The barrel was a pen, and iirc the other parts were a cigarette case, a lighter and the trigger was a cufflink.

The bullet he only needed one per target was hidden in his belt buckle. Baron samedi must have really confused people", "aSentId": , "answer": "remember video stores? Blockbuster always had every bond movie in stock on VHS. Did a ghost just car ride a train..?

I don't remember much of the rest. Scaramanga kills people. Skills for sure, but the bullet helped. It was just a one round weapon. There was nothing particularly special about it except 60s movies hype. Seriously, just pick up a weapon when you get there. Of course, the guy was an incredibly skilled assassin, so for the most part, one round was all he needed.

Scaramanga's not the man who picks up gear on site like Solid Snake, he's the man with the golden gun. The special thing is he's so skilled that he only ever brings one bullet on a mission and never needed more. With Christopher Lee providing voice acting, of course. It's a sniper rifle that can see through walls, shoot through walls, and 1 hit kill on ankles. The only weakness it had was that the auto-tracking speed was a little slow.

If you had a good hiding spot you were unstoppable. Fortunately, this was fixed when someone added mouse support for Perfect Dark on emulators. It was a joke weapon. A few programmers took it upon themselves without telling their bosses. I doubt any serious testing or balancing was done. I wonder if the game would have been as culturally relevant as it is now if it didn't. The single player was wonderful with scaling challenges at each difficulty level encouraging replay of the same stages.

It would have been a good game on just that, but the multiplayer is why 18 years later were still talking about it. That fuckin pipe looking thing killed more times then I care to share. It was always interesting. Did you happen to be part of a clan? Mine was King. Rising Sun was what got me into online gaming in general, though.

I always saw it as the beginning of an era. I remember meeting a few people on multiplayer and we formed the COP clan Bond was actually sent to kill him in the hopes either Bond would kill him or be killed by him, because Bond had tried to assassinate M after being brainwashed by the Soviets. For MI6, it was either they get rid of a thorn in their side assassin or get rid of a broken liability for an agent. He was a very different character in the book and not nearly as flashy outside his insane level of confidence.

That's why only one person was allowed to have it at a time- it was like King of the Hill- one person has the thing that lets them win, and everyone else has to work together to take it from them. I also remember the paintball cheats so everything was colorful as hell", "aSentId": , "answer": "And DK mode. So hilarious when you have to escort Natalya around in campaign and she has a massive head. Gold PP7 was one hit kill but had the standard 7 shot clip.

Auto-lockon, x-ray vision, can shoot through walls, and is one shot kill. The bots can't detonate the mines, but they'll run around throwing them all over the place. Wait a couple minutes and the first human player to set one off will touch off a chain reaction that can run around the level multiple times before finally burning out. Wait too long before setting one off and the N64 with expansion pack will actually slow down while processing all the mayhem.

Whoever has the Golden Gun is the 1. First to 10 kills with Golden Gun wins. We had a house rule that if you got close to death or was unarmed, you could surrender to the guy trying to kill you. Then you would have to carry out his orders. It happened a few times. Doesn't everyone have one at their house or is it just me? Aren't you afraid you'll never find another one if you spill soda on it or something? Actually, I married a gamer, so we have two.

Just one of them is hooked up right now, though. I've only played it on Windows and there is an installer you just download and run. I think the guy playing it on OS X was using bootcamp or something but I'm pretty unfamiliar with OS X as far as using bootcamp or anything like that goes. My mistake. I thought that was just perfect dark ", "aSentId": , "answer": "Oh shit, yeah, that's what I meant.

A comment a bit above was talking about Perfect Dark so my mind was still on that. Still, Perfect Dark is just a kind of better version of Goldeneye. Such a hated character. X-ray vision AND one-shot! At one point I had all the spawns memorized, and could run around to the spawn points and after someone died, well not every single time, but kill them right as they dropped in.

That pissed a lot of people off. Soooooooooooo good! Maybe they're just 15yrs old? It was kinda like firing every bullet that has ever been made all at once into the face of God, himself. I think we also included Jaws. Goldeneye edition. Came with the golden controller and everything. The gold controller came with the Donkey Kong 64 bundle.

They stopped caring about Survival Horror and started focusing on action. The game was best on the Wii, but after 4 the series just dropped off a cliff IMO. RE4 was the last good one they made. RE5 wasn't bad. It was playable, but no where near as good as RE4. I don't even need to mention how bad RE6 was.

Is it some sort of pen holder that happens to look like a gun, or is there more to this that I am missing? Curse my 11 year old self. You haven't been on reddit very long, have you? Nuff Said", "aSentId": , "answer": "nah man the golden p2k from nightfire.

That's a fucking pen cap. No context. No name of the game. Fuck it, I'm unsubscribing. Even non-gamers would recognise it as the one-shot-kill from James Bond, Goldeneye. This is an absolute shitpost getting up voted purely out of nostalgia. Gold looks like black, white looks like blue. It might not have done anything revolutionary mechanically, but the game was the single game that showed the world that the console FPS not only can exist, but is very much wanted. Very wrong. Nintendo was originally the squeaky clean toy company in the late s.

When Sega came along, it deliberately marketed itself as the edgier, more mature company -- for teens and grown-ups, not just little children. Shit's dark. I gotta finish this mad game of tetris I'm playing. He sounds pretty good at dadding. It was just by chance. He gets an A for thoughtfulness, but a D for execution. You know what happens when you assume. Get it? Because assume is spelled Ass-u-me?

Every British person I know uses the word ass. Non - British Canadians typically say ass when not imitating British accents or avoiding swearing. Even in UK. I can not remember the last time I heard or saw someone use the word arse. In Britain a fanny is a childish word for a vagina. Like willy is for penis. I hear the owner doesn't fuck around. Will only go up in value.

They keep the game to cycles and don't allow older cards to be used. The pack itself can cost close or equal to the card. It paid for my trip to Philly to see my boyfriend for the first time. Ain't even mad. I think I still have it sitting around in a box somewhere. I haven't played with those cards in over 10 years. I have one of the 1st edition Charizard along with pretty much every other one except the Zaptos.

It doesn't have any play damage. It's been in a plastic case since I've had it. I they are shadowless, they are worth far more there are some easy guides online to see if you have shadowless packs. However, I'd say that if he got them for you to play with, it might just be worth opening them yourself anyway.

Up to you. The 1is sealed but as as you can see. They are not worth that much yet, I am a collector, I can tell you the price of most of them. Its really big boxes you see at stores with a lot of booster packs in them. Give it years, they will disappear and become more rare, and shoot up in price. This will only increase due to supply and demand Lets be real, when you got pokemon as a kid, first thing you did was open it and play it, right?

Hence why factory sealed is rare as fk ", "aSentId": , "answer": "Are you serious? Is that how much a First Edition Charizard is worth? No set icon I've kept it in one of those rigid card protectors for since I remember breaking the sound barrier in the shop when I got it I was like 8 back then ", "aSentId": , "answer": "Take a picture so I can see, should be relatively easy to judge it's value. Boxes for CCGs generally contain a guaranteed ratio of certain rarities.

Packs can be weighed to give an indication if they contain a certain rarity, so buyers trust them less. Seeing as how a lot of Dr Who fans are obsessed, I'd say we're in the same boat", "aSentId": , "answer": "It wasnt as popular at the time. For years I never bothered to register but used reddit for porn. I honestly thought i registered then as well, but i guess not. It's like a secret club. That Sofa was the sofa of my childhood like 15 years ago. Then again I haven't really seen one in 15 years.

Eventually boys start sounding like men. I have no idea how it came into being before that. It needs to be cleansed with fire. You would have to wait for free spots to log in or be a guardian to login all the time. Some how it wasn't a problem for my parents because I could enjoy its most days. Guess I'll be trying them all, and hope it's not the email I lost access to.

To think its the only thing I remember from computer class in highschool. A random name you only used for AQ? I got my email instantly. Maybe used the wrong email? Sad day. That game was pretty much an attempt by the same company to remake AQ without the insane power creep, needless to say they failed horribly. Sadly it didn't take off as much as AQ did. The combat stays the same and all that changes is that the numbers get bigger.

What is it? The phenomenon may be caused by a number of different factors and, in extreme cases, can be damaging to the longevity of the game in which it takes place. Usually, this means new content releases grow successively more powerful while older content becomes regressively outdated or relatively underpowered. League doesnt have a bad powercreep as they do redone the old champions.

Now with RoS its normal for ok geared demon hunters to have 1. Since there is also ancient gear the next expansion we can expect mil dps to be standart at hit for mil without problems. Powercreep is there in form of skill variety and the innovation but not too apparent. Its not like we deal more damage than we did 4 years ago. You got Power word die next turn though right? Is this PC? I'm surprised you didn't have to re-install windows after more than a few years, but more than half a decade?

While I don't have any games that old I don't think. No hats. Jingle Hat! I just told you that a moment ago. I just told you like a minute ago. We aren't normal, so get used to the pain. If you're still counting on Gabe, you're just enabling him. The internet will have lost its goto joke, what'll you all do? Skyrim wasn't that long ago. Still, TES has a lot of fans.

But 4 years is still a long time in this industry and these two are Bethesda's flagship franchises. I'd say we're more-or-less on par for either to be announced. It's definitely starting to show it's age. And people in the console world would love to play it on their current gen systems. I am guessing they will be announcing TES6 then. I'm not saying one is better than the other, btw. They'll never be another game to have this sort of long term hype.

Most of HL3's hype was built because of Valve's tight nature. They have kept silent about it for so long despite leaving the story on a cliffhanger. It will be a long time before a game gathers such religious hype, assuming they even release it. Didn't they announce that and release it like a year or 2 later? I had this memory long ago of one of the Final Fantasy games taking forever after its predecessor, and for some reason I thought it was X. Wikipedia indicates it was a 5 year gap between 11 and And what other series under their umbrella does a whole lot of interesting things with game physics?

The goo physics aren't that spectacular as they don't interact with each other. The flinging was typical trajectories that were guided into portals. But the way they completely changed the way we think of a room, and even made some impossiblly sized structures, was incredible. I can practically guarantee HL3 was shelved shortly after Ep2 was released, and if anything, work was picked up again very recently. Doesn't seem right Also, a while back Valve said their episodic model wasn't working out and would be removed.

I think he said this on the nerdist podcast interview. Should come with 3 games. Half Life 3, Portal 3 and TF3! People are morons. And 12 Edges. And 3 dimensions. What's your point? Oh dear! Whatever happened to win9 anyway? Or put in whatever. Windows v. I mean , where do you tnink those programs check for OS version and how hard would it be to put in something else instead of a 9?

Always assume someone will do something stupid. Your suggestion calling it Windows Nine would work but there might be internal reasons for using a number instead of a word. I'm just too excited about this to use my sense of humor. The plot intensifies. If Half Life 3 is confirmed today i will streak across my college campus.

How did you know? How I bruised my knee this morning. Lol", "aSentId": , "answer": "are you at iowa state? You're just some dude running round Iowa in a pair of briefs. Sock on yer willy. It's not worth being possibly registered as a sex offender over HL3", "aSentId": , "answer": "Yeah, I highly doubt any streaker would be required to register as a sex offender unless they started jerking off in the middle of it.

A quick google search will result in nothing confirming that it's happened, and wikipedia just has an unsourced line or two about it being possible. It could even be what he was originally referring to. It's not worth being possibly registered as a sex offender over HL3", "aSentId": , "answer": "You don't mean that do you? Where's the half life bot? No text post saying you did it, we need solid proof. It will be released in P. The era of P. Post Domine is that era that comes after A. Just an optimization talk.

Sorry guys. It hurts too much. They will also allow you to pre order HL3 which gives you extra perks more weapons and different colour suites. Also Gordon Freeman will have been hitting the gym in and look like a douche bag from Jersey Shore. What almost got leaked is the game we plan to release at the same time as the headset. Half Life We have redone everything from the ground up.

New people and places, new guns, and a whole new story line that follows that of half life 2 people still confused a bit. The working title will be half life 3. Reddit servers explode, and half the internet fails due to the huge amount of traffic generated by the announcement. Then reddit is nothing but half life three jokes for two strait weeks. It's amazing they were still clapping. Ricochet was lots of fun, I'd love another one. Winning person gets a prize, a crowbar on the ground, bends over to pick it up and as he looks up the scene transitions to a demo of HL3!

The stars have aligned. The d20 is showing 20, though. Time to.. See this through. Gabe Newell Enters the stage. Half life logo flashes up on the screen behind him. Telltale games, tales from black mesa! I doubt any Half Life game they release now will live upto the hype. It doesn't mean I don't want it but it's the sad truth. Half Life 3 is the next DNF. Illuminati life 2 episode 3 confirmed. All I've heard is 3PM. Valve doesn't do 3's.

Is there a stream to it? Don't know about the stream. Because it's now h, and I'm sure it's been pm somewhere. Or even portal 3", "aSentId": , "answer": "Given the latest Half-life release was over seven years ago, and within that span Portal had gotten a full fledged sequel and TF2 a number of enormous updates and continuous support. But they'd need one of those first Especially not their master classes.

After leaving the last episode on a cliffhanger, the game never got a proper sequel. Valve is well aware of the hype as well, so they scheduled an event on the third month's third day at 3 which also happens to be the third day in the week. It also seems to be a physics demo which is how Half life 2 was announced, so everyone believes today is the day they will release the fabled game Who knows.

I may have a fucking heart attack! Why would they announce HL3 there? They would save for a bigger event, like E3 or Gamescom. There's no 51 reverse of 15 there. We don't have enough 3's for this! Not Portal? Seriously,11 years of hype and hopes and prayers all bundled up into a giant ball of anticipation. It's going to be messy if it happens.

If it isn't halflife 3, i'm going to donate dollars to steam. It's a physics panel. Or, is it just a stupid joke that won't die? I just want this joke to stop. It's been over ten years waiting for a proper sequel. At this point Half Life 3 has enough momentum behind it that it would have to be the second coming of digital Jesus to live up to the hype. It was an absolute perfect successor to Duke Nukem 3D, but everyone expected so much more.

It's not like I am expecting HL3 at this point. It's a fucking master class at GDC. It will NOT be live-streamed. It will be recorded for the GDC vault. But it's still fun. Fun's a 3 letter word btw. Numbers go 1, 3, 4, 5 etc now", "aSentId": , "answer": "They definitely know how to get to Sergiy's name was on that leaked half life 3 dev team from two years ago Give us something. If complete silence is their way to let gamers build up hype, I think that Valve has let it go on too long, and it's starting to backfire.

It's been nearly 8 years since the release of Episode 2; you can only expect people to wait so long before losing all interest. Martin fans feel. We get it, the guy writes slowly, but come on. They're sitting on vast piles of money and just don't feel like bothering with it. And if the creators of something don't care enough about their work to finish them, then I don't care enough to pay attention about it.

I'm over it. It's the fans that kept the hype alive for years and years because they wanted it to be real. So I can't fault Valve for not announcing HL3 and not throwing any bones, because for all we know there isn't any bone to throw. GRR is a different story because we know there are 2 books still to go before the series is done and it'd really suck if they never get written. I'd be happy with either at this point.

I find it peculiar that Gabe always refuses to say anything about HL3 in interviews, and ignores questions about it. There's a very simple way to make the questions stop: put out a statement. You're making it or you're not making it. But I don't think that what they say will actually be accepted unless it's either a promise they'll do it or a promise they won't.

If they say they'll do it they're stuck with that promise even if they may never work out what HL3 is supposed to be. If they say they won't, the world explodes. They've never said anything about it, so if someone wants to believe what they want to believe, that's not their problem to solve.

This is the internet. I've got like games sitting in my Steam library, and I've not played most of them. Especially the scene when the ornithopters? I showed it to my dad, at the time, and he was pretty blown away. I showed him how you could attack a base, and use a few units for a diversionary tactic to lure the main defense forces away.

But it sure made me feel badass. Just lots of clicking and moving troops one at a time. Though I have to admit the last one I played was not that great. I'd love to see one based more on the novels that the David Lynch version. Don't get me wrong the Lynch version is awesome, but such a missed opportunity with the other great houses. Instead the games gave us House Ordos that doesn't exist in any of the novels. If you wanna keep it to 3 factions then I'd love to see it as Atreides, Harkonen and Corrino.

THen you have the two lesser houses, Vernius and Richese. It's been 13 years since the last Dune game. So want to play more. Same game engines and developer, Westwood, which got absorbed into EA. The last expansion for CC4 was released in It sucked because it meant that they were in sort of a single file line on attack most of the time. Couldn't select multiple units, so had to do one at a time. People would go crazy if games did it these days.

It was awesome. There was no Jedi Outcast II. Regardless they were all great games and I'm glad you had that moment to remember with your Dad. My eyes are up here. I guess I had a superior crack or something because my game would accept any answer when those questions came. Think I found it on a BBS in the mid 90's. I played it to death! There was even a cheat program I used which let you change your side during a game which owned.

Just line up a number of them and nothing could get past. Totally different game style but was fun, although I seriously hated that Emperor always wanting more spice! They can't hurt each other hehe. Also they never set enemies to attack them while they Bad ai ran right past them. Every other unit would get attacked by whatever they were hit with apart from Sonic Tanks.

But they were pretty weak armored, artillery could pound them pretty good. I never could beat it because I'd inevitably lose Gurney Halleck and couldn't find him again to progress the story. I played it through at least 10 times during my life.

I never lost Gurney, but I didn't really like Hurrah that much, since Chani was better. Just had to make sure you had enough Spice since that damn Emperor just kept wanting more and more! That's awesome! Yes, very addicting. I think I Monster Huntered too hard. I kind of uh, I need to get back to playing.

This is also my worse nightmare. Usually for small things , too, like this. This was a while ago, I'd be surprised if they've changed how they deal with things like this. They say they're gonna charge him and he just says no and does it himself? Luckily, the owner of the local retail shop I bought it from took pitty on me and ran to another business to get me a new one when they were out.

Online guides are pretty helpful, just find one with pics so you don't remove anything you don't need to. I would honestly look up a tutorial and then just order a replacement. I just looked it up and data transfer is very easy. It's easily accessible once you remove the bottom half and have access to the main board. The pad is held by only two screws. Just get a replacement and close up the system and you'll be all good to go. I gave it to a friend who owns glue and steady hands to try to fix it.

If that doesn't work, I'll order the parts and replace it. And try to distract myself from the lack of MH for the next few weeks. I felt it get looser yesterday and today it snapped off. Especially when Gore uses its fucking explosive AoE and you are repeatedly bashing dodge roll away as the explosive come closer and closer and closer Just roll under him.

My X-Box One controller is slowly whittling away the thumbstick due to contact with the edge on the plastic well. You do better when you dont tense up and mash the controls like a gorilla. The character doesn't move faster if you push it harder! I imagine OPs analogue stick was already worn out and excessively spinning could have affected that. What did you do? And 65 hours, that's what, early High Rank? Same with Luigi. Go back to playing Tetris. You dirty eaglezzz.

Except in smb 2. I see gold and white mario Move along ma'am. It looked a lot like a donut. I didn't even notice Mario was holding one! I thought they were lampshading the fact they used the same stencil, but I overreached with it. I think he wore his cap backwards constantly throughout the movie. That's literally what they have done", "aSentId": , "answer": "He's getting downvoted because OP sucks. I don't genuinely think OP sucks. Because damn. Fuck the city. Fuck the king. Eat chicken.

Probably the only character to get less love than luigi. Hit Em Up. I would totally skate these boards. Wario is too skinny and luigi is too fat! It's totally fucked up and goes on forever. Luigi has been clearly distinguishable from Mario since Super Mario Bros 2. Not to mention, Wario looks nothing like Mario.

He's got a gigantic pink nose. The characters should be distinguishable. As far as I'm concerned, these decks have graphics of Mario, and other Marios with slightly different colors. Ever since Super Mario Bros 2 , they have been completely distinguishable. And doesn't have a piece of shit on his hat. He was an exact replica of Mario with a color swap.

Things change. I didn't stop to wonder why they were hanging on a tiny brick wall. I thought they were just wall art at first. But to me it seems like the only person who would get the Wario or Luigi ones is someone who does not play any of the games and is just cashing in on geek chic. They're peanut butter and jealous. I need to watch through that again.

Whats written on them? They are embarrassing and aimed at 13 year old boys or adults who think the be all and end all of comedy is referencing sex. Shit's spose to be fun. But I'm curious as to which of the other two you don't think is referencing sex.

Only person who would buy those is someone who has never played the games and is just trying to fit in to geek chic culture. When Luigi was first introduced in the franchise he was looking exactly the same as Mario, only with another color palette. So it isnt that far off actually, and kind of cool they are referencing the sweet old arcade games of Mario bros. Wario has been fatter in every game he appears in.

And really, the only game where the colours of Mario and Luigi both match this image and it was essentially just a palette swap AFAIK, I've played most but not all the games was Super Mario World, and even then there were a couple shifted pixels on most sprites. It doesn't make any sense to think that. You're just making me feel like a hipster gamer. And that was mostly because of how many pixels made one character, it was difficult to make them both look like humans without them looking similar.

Mario only has a moustache because it was the best way to show that he had a nose on his face. Super Mario Bros 2 they look completely different. We've made it pretty clear how terrible we find them. Seriously, don't give me hate, I just don't know.

And so is the Luigi one with a few pixels added on top of it. Tsk tsk. That's not what he looks like. He's not saying 'that's what Luigi is', he's saying 'that's how Luigi was created'. And are they for sale? I don't know, but I want it ", "aSentId": , "answer": "Me 3! Why didn't you take the time to actually use a slimmed down version for Luigi and a Fattened version for Wario like the games actually do?? Probably copyright bs, but still. And murdering isn't the opposite of freeing from kidnapping.

Every single Wario game is about getting as much treasure as possible, or beating the shit out of anyone who wants to touch his treasure. The fact that he occasionally saves a princess or defeats some world-threatening evil is completely incidental to him. Hey Guys. Welcome to EB games. Not that I'm complaining. But that game is legit the end of the story. Mgs5 outcome of the story will in no way affect the overall mgs story.

Im not pissed at that im just saying this game is for the money. Not complaining just saying. Nobody is arguing that. But there's still a lot to explore. There's a lot we haven't seen in regards to Big Boss' overall history. This isn't even remotely a cash grab. That game is awesome. The loop truly is complete.

MGS6 will be a MG remake. MGS with modern graphics so i can spy on Meryl? I think a Metal Gear remake would be absolutely fantastic. Idk why he said MG at first, most likely a mistake on his part. I guess I Kojima'd you. I find it fishy that Hayter has had 'no communication at all' with Kojima, according to him. Makes sense to give Big Boss and Solid Snake separate voice-actors and have them meet, and would tie up the saga beautifully.

It says a lot about Kojima when we have to triple-analyze everything he says, looking for the surprise he has planned. Hell, MGS4 was originally not even planned to be directed by him until the reception from the announcement hit Konami. I have been waiting on a PS4 just for this. Six months. Right when school starts. Why would they do this? I played the first one when it originally came out. Granted I had no idea what I was doing and the way the camera angles itself pissed me off but I was hooked.

I've recently replayed Mgs3 snake eater favorite of the series. It's not a fast paced shoot em up its a patient game that requires your full focus especially if you're going for zero alarms and deaths. They added the third person camera that returns in MGS4 and it not only suits navigating the jungle so much better than the semi-fixed top down, but really makes Snake Eater into a different game. This was a leak. I'm not excited this time.

The actor change combined with what I saw in the demo let's be honest that game was basically a demo. And this is someone who's adored the series from ps1 days. That fucking line delivery in the quiet but not silent cutscene. And you probably saw the actual TPP gameplay demos from E3 and stuff so I really don't get how you can't be fucking hyped. No reason to downvote you so I'll give you an upvote. Expect Q1 Kojima thinks delaying a game is the ultimate sin. Talk about getting shafted", "aSentId": , "answer": "That one whizzed right over my head.

I killed a guy and somehow his axe landed on the small end of the handle just standing there. I wish I took a screenshot but at the time I figured meh, this probably happens all the time. What do you mean I missed that guy that's standing completely still 10 feet away from me?? Sniping is the worst.

I feel like sniping is too easy sometimes. Strangle the guy maybe but a bow bayonet, I'm getting this game", "aSentId": , "answer": "It isn't actually possible to do this. Just a trick of physics on a dead body", "aSentId": , "answer": "Bummer, I thought someone modded it. No matter how hard I try I can't stop staring at it", "aSentId": , "answer": "Get a new new phone. Survival is merely living through a difficult situation. The little colored wheels aren't moving.

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