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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

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Tf2 betting advice college

Are we going to see more old hats discontinued to make way for these new items? This is a new concept. Our players might love it. The import tool we used to help the RB come to fruition is designed to make updates like this more possible, and we hope to nurture even more events like this, should it bring widespread joy to TF. Broadly speaking, we would like to release more content faster, and the RB update has helped us consider just what it takes to do it right. Every time we get you guys caring fans involved in working with us, the result has been positive.

Many of the members who helped create TF are still heavily involved. Now that steampipe is in place, does this open TF2 up for some more dramatic changes? TF2 has helped engineer systems like the ones Dota2 is using.

The team here is constantly innovating and that experience improves future products. Valve gets a chance to see what customers want in their multiplayer games. Valve loves when our customers benefit from and enrich the games that they play. Many of us got into making games by modding products, but now we are making it easier for the next generation to do it and get paid doing it. The guys and girls on the team are constantly passing around great fan-made things.

Prop replicas, hand knit dolls, artwork, movies, lego sculptures, paper craft — I expect and hope to see more complete ideas. If the only thing we saw from this update was an increase in the production of robotic wearables, I would be disappointed. This update should empower players to go bigger with their ideas in a more complete way than just modeling and texturing. Again, the production value on what the RB team did is incredible. I would love for another team of artists, animators, and designers to come in and challenge that.

Or perhaps it will come to be that some robots will come up with the next hot update. Is this something item creators should be aware of; to shift their focus from hats to belt accessories? TF2 fail to keep all of its contents secret? The import tool is a really important tool for the future of shipping user generated content.

Previously we could see something in the Workshop, see that everybody loves it, and download it — only to find out that the item was absolutely insane. Poly counts could be through the roof, LODs were really weird, or the item was as expensive to render as the characters. The Workshop is the wild west and the importer is a sheriff. Should we fill the game with items built under those restrictions — performance will hold up.

Together, these changes mean that we can ship more content more quickly, and with fewer concerns about performance, etc. Once we saw what was being done with the update, we decided to get the tool to the RB team. Their team has had to retrofit some of their art and were subject to re-exporting a few times. We thank them for that and hope that it has been worth their trouble. Our intention is to keep working on the tool and improve it — to make it easier or change constraints if things go one way or another.

Much like TF, we expect it will evolve with the will of the community. Have community contributors been trying to make taunts for you, or is this a reaction to fan requests for more variety in the characters animations? Taunts are awesome! There are more things that can go wrong with them and the quality level for taunts is much harder to hit.

Will these effects be available on previous and future hats, or are they limited to the RB release hats only? Are community made unusual effects now going to be considered from the workshop? The RoboCrate unusual effects will have a chance to end up on previous and future hats, but only on unusuals from this crate.

We are really interested in seeing that the community response to the RB effects are beloved before committing to a whole new system. What would you look for in a project of this kind? Likewise, what would be the deal breakers?

Yes, we absolutely want to see more fully fleshed-out concepts turned into something concrete. Enjoy this update then show us what you want to do next. KritzKast wishes to thank both the Robotic Boogaloo team and Andrew Wilson for sparing us their time. As the year turned we posted a request for you to submit questions. What follows is the interview we recorded Feb 14th Our thanks go to everyone who submitted questions, Brad Pitt for being so good as to answer them and to Voltey for his SFM artwork.

Its actually here. Episode A number that most podkasts can only dream of. But the only reason we have been able to live this dream is because of you, the fans. Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are going to treat you. Instead of your usual Episode, we are going to give you another musical episode.

We hope you enjoy listening to it, as much as we did making it………….. Merry Smissmass one and all! We finally put PubComp to bed in this episode of WiP. The ambitious attempt to create a web and server system that would allow dramatic customization of competitive play on the fly is a pipe dream many of us have shared.

It was not to be. With proprietary solutions shared between Parable and EOReality the project came within days of completion before it failed to finish. Vincenator stays upbeat. The hard work has been done and his code is now in the hands of the public. It remains to be seen if anyone else will pick it up. For his part he is embarking on a career in coding. I hope he stays in the gaming space and comes back with a new project for us to follow.

No matter how good your solution is the players who use it day in and day out will find faults. Together with a coder their small team has been working in the shadows to bring TF2center. It is their hope that they can gather the comments and wishes of the TF2 community to provide an alternative to the unloved TF2lobby. He talks about the desire for player ranking and the need for a web designer with user interface skills.

Comedian takes us through the current solution they have in place. It appears that Skyride has invested a great deal of time creating software to do the task of many men hours. This open source solution for live streaming stands as a new, cleaner and faster streaming solution with a small footprint allowing the casts play at a much higher quality level.

Needless to say VanillaTV are looking to it rather than the paid-for alternative, XSplit , as the future of eSports casting. Skyride himself is working on plug-ins and has produced a rather nifty how-to for other casters. In doing so the American market opens up to him but at what cost to his friendship?

Lastly Comedian takes us through their hopes and plans for European conquest. The results were mixed to poor. The slightest problem with the internet would give one of us a crackling robot voice and various other little problems ensued. For one to one interviews it is especially simple to achieve good quality audio results. Once you have it installed it can be configured to record all Skype calls at bit stereo.

Your own audio is recorded on the left channel and all incoming sound is recorded on the right channel. Even interviews rarely involve less than three people. The limitation of MP3 Call Recorder is obvious. While the left channel will only ever have your own audio the right channel will record everybody else. So I should take a moment to explain this problem. On the internet, even on a video call, that information is lost to you.

So two people will often respond at the same time. The projected audio appears on a flat plane no matter who originated it. This is only possible when you have each person recorded to a separate track. For this we use GoldWave to individually record our own tracks. That should be enough to get you started. I may even talk about hardware, you never know your luck. At time of writing KritzKast has recorded episodes. Initially running once a month ish it quickly became obvious that we needed to run to a regular schedule in order to both keep and grow our audience.

It took a while to work out how to record, clean and edit the show into a format that works well and is easily repeatable. We started the organisation, The PodKast Company Ltd in order to allow us to work with other companies and help new podkasters realise their dreams. So, this is what we do at KritzKast each week to give us the output you love.

It all started with an idea. We were chatting each week about what was going on in our TF2 Clan. We were talking on mumble and having fun with it. The conversations went back and forth, work was done and fun was had by all. Oh those rose tinted nostalgic spectacles. The important thing was the idea. In the case of KritzKast the idea was to have a place to talk about a game that we all loved.

It could be a genre of gaming, a platform or a review of other communities. In many regards we lucked out with TF2. Even back then Valve Software were pushing out updates on a regular basis this was back before hats, the steam workshop and trading and there was a quickly establishing community.

Think about your school or job, your social life, your gaming life, your health. We can afford to make KritzKast a weekly podkast but the guys at Asemble have to wait for a few weeks to have enough Portal 2 content for their show. Our audience would find the show, subscribe, not see anything for a few weeks then unsubscribe, never to return.

The sound will be full of hisses and pops. KritzKast episode was crap, and we thought it was brilliant. Figure out what your show will be about and sketch out a plan for that content in advance. Keep down to no more than 10mins. Record it then leave it for a day before you come back and listen to it. Get some feedback and build from there.

We were lucky enough to have Clan VenGeaNce and they ripped our first efforts to shit. Thanks guys. You know how it is when life gets in the way of a really good game? So too for Parable and the team behind PubComp. For those joining the story now, PubComp was an ambitious project to provide a platform for non-competitive and competitive players alike.

It was to have been an enhanced version of TF2lobby , allowing players to jump from casual play directly into a highly configurable match at the drop of a hat. The project was began in summer of and was supposed to have seen an alpha release later that year. But here we are, months later with everything seemingly forgot. The day of death is a hard one to pin down, even while the programming group where failing to meet deadlines the community group were supporting competitive collaborations across the world.

Most of the original staff are still playing and working in Team Fortress 2 related activities. VanillaTV has many stars. The Team Fortress 2 shoutcasting site seems to collect tallent in much the same way Valve Software do. Under his guidance their YouTube channel has changed from a repository of previous live shows into being a collection of brand new crafted content specifically for drawing in new subscribers; informing and teaching the public the finer points of competitive game-play.

You may know that Valve recently added in a new item to Team Fortress 2. The Nine-Pipe Problem. What you may not know is the person behind it: Mnemosynaut. We took the opportunity to chat with him about his work. Hi Mnemosynaut. This week you had an item of yours added into Team fortress.

The Nine-pipe problem. Many people think that this is your first item thats in the game. But its not is it? Apart from that, I also contributed the six team-colored paints that were added in the Uber Update. I was never officially acknowledged for those, of course, but I still brag about them in interviews nonetheless.

As you should. How does it feel having some of your work actually in the game for everybody to see? It has its pros and cons. The upside is that I get a lot of compliments and support from players in-game. The downside is that I have apparently turned into a magnet for Russian and Brazilian children on Steam. In fact, while typing this sentence, I just received a friend request from yet another Russian who probably communicates through Babelfish and will inevitably ask for free items, only to turn on me when I decline and proceed to spam my workshop pages with incomprehensible profanity.

The dark lenses were a complete afterthought and I only added them when I realized how bare and uninteresting a pipe is by itself. When you think about it, all of the other pipe items in-game are coupled with another accessory the Dr. In the workshop submission, I included a small promotional image containing a Sherlock Holmesian-style silhouette of the Medic wearing both the pipe and Private Eye.

That, along with the Holmes reference in the original name, should make it obvious that I was looking at the Private Eye from the start. I definitely did not expect Valve to combine them into a set, seeing as how the hat was made by someone else.

This is, in fact, the first time two people have unwittingly collaborated on an item set. It was a pleasant surprise. You mentioned the Holmes reference in the name. Lately, for one reason or another, Valve has been coming up with original names for items they implement into the game rather than using the names that the creators submit.

Some of the changes are for the worse see: Itsy Bitsy Spyer and some are for the better see: Snapped Pupil aka the best-named item in TF2. I strongly approve of the description they gave it, however. Am I right in thinking that you were a big part in the making of the night of the living Update pack? A huge amount of effort was put into the Night of the living Update and medieval packs. How do you think it went? The Medieval Update was a disaster. It was a horrible experience, through and through.

The biggest mistake we made was in not asking enough people to help out, so as time went on and we began to understand the scope of the project, the workload became far too much for three people to handle. In the end, the Medieval Update acted mostly as a proof of concept and so we had a lot more people interested in contributing when we started on the Night of the Living Update.

Are you planning on doing any more packs? Any chance of a sneak peak? If that happens, it will probably be in the Summer. You obviously put a lot of time into Team Fortress, but how much do you actually get to play the game? I still play nearly every day.

As long as Valve is still supporting TF2 and operating the workshop, you can expect me to be a part of it. Clearly you are good at what you do. Have you thought of taking this further and possibly making a career out of it? Thank you very much for this quick chat. How can people see more of your work? Subscribe to my workshop! Some projects WIP follows measure their progress on a daily basis, others weekly. Gang Garrison 2 feels rushed if they push out more than two major updates a year.

That said I know how they feel. This interview was recorded in December of and one thing or another has kept me from releasing it till now. The major 2. The release combined a new play mode with greatly enhanced mod intergration. Possibly the most important part of this big update comes in the form of the mod update. Lead gg2 developer, Psychopath takes us through the benefits of the new open format for map makers and modders.

The best way to describe MaxOfS2D is a prolific animator. We had more than entrants, most of which were polite enough to speak aloud. We took 20 of the best one was edited out and put them to Max in this interview. Its that time of year again.

Where the kritzmas spirit takes over. Apart from you know…. In the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas every day is crammed full of everything happening all at the same time. VanillaTV have a habit of making every day feel like that. When WIP last talked to them they were finishing up i43 so we start this show from there. Little wonder then that VanillaTV is looking to other forms of media than the live shoutcasting, namely podcasting.

With no current competition in the European market this can only be a smart move for them. Now those two are back on friendly terms vtv has an excellent new caster on their roster and everyone is happy. One of the more interesting moves for vtv was away from their video streaming partners, TwitchTV.

Comedian discusses the thoughts behind the jump to own3d. On its mention Comedian almost breaks down with pleasure, I can see why. While no promises have been made that it will make it into the game yet, it stands a reasonable chance even on its own merits. Not content with hats, WIP has a second exclusive from this chat. VanillaTV are organizing their very own two-day TF2 cup. The experiment Chris started back in the summer of is over.

Lesson learnt; people need stuff to look at. Keekerdc is in a different place to where he was when we recorded WIP , both figuratively and physically. Gone are the heady days of talking his way though a game. ESFI wants Chris to build his own show for the channel. Something that brings together all the interesting stories from every corner of esports. Not entirely giving up on shoutcasting, Chris is working on some code to bring more interesting and polished visuals to casts.

Shaylyn Hamm met fame within the Team Fortress 2 community when her work, under her monika Chemical Alia , was chosen to be part of the Polycount Pack. Like many of the other artists featured this was not the last time we were to see her work. She has created Heavy, Medic and recently Spy in female forms and now looks to be doing the same for the Engineer.

Shaylyn engages in heavy research rather than making thousands of sketches. She is currently at the point of needing to create a base mesh. For this she wishes to move away from the toolset she knows from her work as an environment artist for Gearbox Software and towards ZBrush. This means learning a completely new and different interface.

I remember when we first talked about NerfNow. It was back in , a series of 18 pages telling the story of a kidnapped engineer and her heroic rescue. There were very few words in the images. Since those heady days, creator Josue Pereira, has diversified his content into many different games and genres. He now frequently appears, as a tentacle monster, in his own drawings choosing to talk directly with his Nerfers.

His core remains true to TF2 so we thought it was about time we gave this purple Brazilian tentacle his own interview. This time we decided to ask our audience for questions to ask Jo. We were expecting a few hundred e-mails. Instead we received over one thousand. Congratulations go to I-ninja. Together with I-ninja these 29 other question writers all have a Vintage Longwave heading their way:.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and special thanks to Jo for both allowing us to talk to him and for providing all this great artwork for our site. So long as there is Team Fortress 2 there will be KritzKast. There are few games server provider companies that can claim to have risen so high in such a short time.

With equal focus in the competitive environment as the communities Robby Hicks combines the latest hardware with the latest software and bundles it all together with a knowledgeable staff. For many this would be cause enough for celebration. Hence their rather bold move into the European market. For this episode we return to the source. Source Mod, to be exact.

Like many of the team Vincenator has had his fill of TF2Lobby. He has pounced on this open project and built the entire SM codebase on which PubComp relies. Keeping to the open nature his code may be edited in the future. For his part Parable speaks of the messaging system that will link the game servers to the website database. He also makes it clear that the end of September release date is still very much on. Used under CC License. We survived the alcohol fueled boat race from inside the cheering crowd.

As the Multiplay iSeries LAN i43 draws to a close we catch up with Comedian to find out if it all went as smoothly as he expected. For Comedian and all the crew from VanillaTV. A continuous stream of casting on Friday and Saturday lead on to the dramatic final match on Sunday morning. The sound and computing rigs VanillaTV used were a hodge-podge of tried and tested mixed with borrowed and even gaffer-taped equipment.

Possibly the most successful idea Comedian brought to this event was the Cheerfuls. The premise was to simply hand out card and marker pens then ask the crowd to draw a images to cheer their teams on. On the day this unexpected opportunity for crowd participation brought out the cheeky and creative streak in the audience and made the Team Fortress 2 final one of the most fun experiences of the weekend. VanillaTV are going to be bringing the fource of four men and hope to introduce Cheerfuls, previously seen in StartCraft audiences and a unique promo item.

VanillaTV stands as proof that a lot can happen in 3 weeks. Since our last conversation, Byte lead vtv developer and his team have been working hard to realise the dream of a single location for all the TF2 comp matches to be seen. While it takes a huge cast to get this show running, Byte sees his crew as filling four core group roles, with a special fifth catagory for Torden alone.

Directors or Streamers — the cameramen who present the feed for each show. Casters — a strict policy of quality is maintained on main casters and co-casters. Designers — a role for Torden. They have been able to stamp their brand on the feeds through use of a customised HUD and bring to life some nifty site features such as the VOD archive and the Streaming plugin. New public servers are their gift back to the comp world.

A place for players from around the world to hang out and practise their DM skills. Eric Ruth has found fame and fortune of a kind, tearing apart games and rebuilding them in unexpected ways. Somehow his one-man games studio is able to pump out titles at an alarming rate so it was only a matter of time before his attentions turned to Team Fortress 2.

If this interview is anything to go by TFA stands to be an excellent experience. MisterMild is having a tough year. Though for a man who usually lets his gmod characters tell their own story he is being quite talkative with KritzKast. We discuss the origins of Engineer Techno, the role YouTube has in his work and hints of future projects. Agro talks to the etf2l admin, Ashkan as well as a few of the players in the mixup match with Robin Walker, Buck Sexington and some of the biggest names in TF2 at the moment.

Episode …remind me, is that significant in some way? Oh yeah. So we are doing the same. We saved our musical from the clutches of episode and now it can be yours to listen to. That right, the Kritzkast musical is here to stay. The harder we work, the luckier we get. Never has this been truer than in the case of Rob Laro.

Around the time of the Shogun update we sent him some questions. What are your favourite classes and maps? I really do love all the classes, but I mostly play Soldier, Spy and Pyro depending on my mood, or death streak. As for my favourite maps, I prefer the Valve made maps, Gravelpit, Goldrush, Badwater and Dustbowl, since I feel most at home on those. Well, I like to play around with load-outs and new gear, so it changes along with the TF2 updates.

Are you a classically trained artist? Yes, ever since I was 16, just up until a few years ago, I had been studying traditional illustration in college and university. Have you summited other items for review and what was your favourite? My favourite item I would say, is the Homewrecker. While the model is years old and not a great example of my best work, it was one of the first weapons added to TF2, which was an incredible feeling. So the whole thing was a very memorable experience for me. Are there any tips for the modellers starting out?

If you are unwilling to learn and dedicate an ass ton of time to art, your relationship with it is going to be an extremely short one. The only piece of advice I can give is the obvious one, grab a 3D program or a trial and start modelling like hell and keep at it.

When you come across problems, search for it. There are more than enough resources out there on the internet to help you along your way. How do you get Valve to notice you? From then, your best bet is to submit as much as you can and make it the best you can make it, then just hold tight and see what happens. That is after all, all we can do. One thing that always amazes me is how people manage to come up with new ideas for hats.

How do you feel about item trading? While I find it to be a rather bizarre alternative universe, I like to hoard items myself. I have a 38 refined metal frame around my 12 self-made items. Had you tried making models before the opportunity with Valve came up or is TF2 your first love?

In terms of mods and skins, TF2 is my first love. Do you take your inspiration from things you see, do you sit at your breakfast table gluing eggboxes together to make shapes or do your designs have no real form before you make it? I find the interpretation and development of an idea to be most intriguing personally, nothing better than something you can relate to, with a twist. Although, working with eggboxes is a great starting point too, mind you. When designing an item, Where do you start?

With a name, a look, a theme? I start with Google image to be honest. I just plug in some words related to what I want to do and see where it goes from there. I like to shift a majority of the work to the 2D side of an item, establishing as much as I can in the concept, leaving less time having to wing it in the 3D viewport.

Most of the ideas I come up with never get past the concept stage though. Do you work in CG modelling or considered it as a full blown career path? As I understand it Sega commissioned you to design the Shogun items. That must have been a surreal conversation. How did they come to be asking you? With Sega having enjoyed the packs from the Polycount update, they wanted one of the winners to create a huge series of promotional items for Shogun 2.

So they sent out a bunch of emails to the five winners of the Polycount contest. Apparently, I was the only one that wanted to do it, so it was just pure luck that I landed the job. I guess my naive enthusiasm carried me though. Did Sega pay you a one-off commissioning fee or do you take your payment from the Mann Co.

What are you ploughing your money in to? Thankfully, the money I have received from my TF2 ventures have enabled it to be financially secure, allowing me to focus on getting a game done and out there. Where can people find you and your work? All of us at KritzKast would like to thank Rob for finding the time to answer these questions.

We wish him the best of luck with his indy game and hope to see him in game soon. Mecha chats about his work introducing new and unusual weapons and how some of these items have made it into the full game. A previously unknown, Russian animator had taken the dramatic trailer to F. The trailer OneMoreUser pushed out kept the explosive tension of the original film but inserted Team Fortress 2 characters into the lead roles.

KritzKast: Who are you and where did you come from? Just finished the university as a coder , getting a full-time job. KK: How long have you been animating? I worked in that team with a nick Zookeeper, there was a lot of animation and modelling work so this project gave me some experience. KK: Do you animate professionally or is this just a hobby? KritzKast: These are very polished videos.

Would you consider ditching your coding and taking a job in animation, if someone were to offer it? KK: What software do you use? OMU: 3ds max for modelling and animating, Nuke for composing. Also Photoshop for other things. There are some more, but I use them less often. KK: Do you work as part of a team or is this all your own work?

OMU: L. Well, there are elements that are not mine like models and heh, the movie footage but I always try to mention in credits everyone who did them. KK: L. The work of that kind is pretty time-consuming because of lots of scenes and characters shown in almost every trailer you can use. Was T. OMU: The most difficult scenes were the ones with the crowd, like the one where Joker comes to the party with his gang.

KK: What made you start doing these and why you chose TF2 characters? I just thought that Engineer vs Spy would be nice and I can even add some more characters. The hardest for me is the Sniper. Thanks to Kulikov for answering our questions and letting us host his work. We made it. We finally made it. A pile of content from the fans, New tools for map making, a backpack valuator, fake updates you can be a part of all made by the community. No No. We Finally reveal the winners to the meet the Demoman uncensored contest and reveal what was censored in the video 3 years ago.

Its one hell of a show and its been one hell of a ride. But be warned. This episode contains outtakes, live audio, TF2 christmas skits, poor impressions and horrific singing. But all with Christmas cheer. We chat with Nahanni and Meo, the Co-Founders of the Apocalypse Gaming Community, and Lange, of their High Team, about modest beginnings, team sponsorship programs and what it takes to be a mentor.

Many people have had a crack at making videos for TF2, using g-mod, in-game footage and slightly dubiously Source FX. Few though have started from scratch and created their own works. In the dwindling months of Summer, , we had a chance to interview James Benson.

As we were to discover James had more in mind than simply animating his strange marionettes. He revealed during the interview that it was his intention to create an entire scene where all the TF2 team would find themselves gyrating to the same song. Almost two months later we were to see the results of that hard work.

James has kindly allowed us to host the full, High Definition files on our site. Full HD version of Dance Fortress right click — save as. Long before Source Film Maker allowed anyone to have a crack at animation James Benson was painstakingly making Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Sniper and all the other classes wiggle to the beat. At the time of the interview James was working for Lionhead Studios during the daytime and immersing himself in DF2 at night. Robin kindly agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Our focus had been on the community elements of TF2 including mods, mapping and the future of the game itself. Robin has given fresh new insight into the history, current and future development of this great First Person team-based Shooter. Kritzkast: TF2 went through many transitions in the conversion process from TFC to its current form, including a variety of near-realistic styles.

Given the short-term meteoric success of titles such as Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, are you still happy with the period styling that you chose? In other cases, the response made us keep working on them. Saxton Hale himself is a good example of this. Kritzkast: As a team based game, TF2 is dependent on players wanting to come back frequently and play for the game to continue to attract new players. Is this another sandbox test for a different game using the Source Engine? Do you expect to be able to realise bots for other maps too?

Robin Walker: Like most things we do on TF2, there are several reasons why working on Bots was something that made sense. Several months ago we started digging into the data we had that showed a significant number of players who played TF2 only once.

The number one requested solution was some kind of offline training mode. Kritzkast: The official TF2 blog is still one of the most talked about areas of the community that surrounds TF2. I have visions of Saxton Hale standing astride the mouth of the giant Cave-o-Email each month. Whip by his side, shouting directions to his minions not to return without fresh material. How do you decide what makes it in and when to publish? Robin Walker: The blog is written by the members of the TF2 team, so it tends to get updated rather haphazardly, as most of you have noticed.

In general, our philosophy is that while some words from us might be nice, fans are a lot happier when we ship something. Kritzkast: Even within our own ranks the question of the gender of the Pyro is still argued over.

Will we ever know? Will valve be making these official and including them in the game as choices for players? Finally, you have the issue of hit detection. Kritzkast: For some classes their roles have changed so much from their point of origin. The scout for example, has gone from a peck and run class to an over powered front runner. Will the character models be changed to reflect their new roles? We felt the Force-A-Nature pushed him even further into that role, having an even higher damage spike, and a lower ranged harassment capability.

The Team Fortress Classic Scout was a different creature, being much more of a runner than a fighter. Back in July you were recorded as talking of a new demo system. Are you any closer to releasing that into the wild? How soon will it be till you see TF2 being available on Macs? Will the introduction of a second and possibly third platform s make update releases and bug fixes far more sporadic?

Playing random games, mostly Team Fortress 2 , and doing live commentaries, Jerma's presence began to grow. At subscribers, he did a couple of bicep curls , and at subscribers he dressed up as the Scout and threw cakes at Burgah Boy. Jerma collaborates with a few of these people to this day.

Ster and Jerma were two of the biggest TFtubers during Valve's peak support of TF2 in the early to mid's, and possibly the most impactful 'tubers of the whole TF2 community to this day. Ster was the cool "awesome sauce" one and Jerma was the Joker.

Although they were both making content besides TF2 throughout this time, such as Jerma's shitty game showcases and Ster's "Basically" series, their TF2 content was always the most popular and what they were most known for. Jerma was partnered with Machinima around He has recently said that it wasn't a great experience. Jerma proceeded to create an underground fighting tournament called Super Sma — Jerma Rumble! In this tournament, he pits his own characters against each other for his amusement.

Jerma Rumble was later followed by two sequels and a spin-off known as Jermania , and numerous stream rumbles. On July 8th, , Jerma said he was volunteering at an animal shelter, because of his love for animals and his urge to help those in need, even though he obviously did it to sate his hunger for raw flesh, which foreshadows his descent into madness. On September 30th, , Jerma uploaded a video announcing that he's writing a "choose your own adventure" book.

Only a few updates came regarding the progress on the book, one of which stated he'll be putting the side-project on the back burner for now. He's since announced that the book project is cancelled. On August 29th, , the long-awaited continuation of the Jerma Rumble event arrived in the form of a live-action Jerma Rumble. This video was teased by Jerma for a long time, being constantly delayed for many reasons such as not being able to find a ring or people who would like to participate in the Rumble.

Once he passed his initial budget, he apparently just stopped counting. Jerma Rumble Live was the last actual video not update video he ever uploaded to his main channel, and was the bookend as his life as a Youtuber. From that point onward, he decided to almost completely transition to live, variety content on Twitch instead of prerecorded, edited, and sometimes scripted content on Youtube.

He addresses this new outlook of content creation on his last few update videos he uploaded to his main channel, such as " Let's talk about some stuff ". He eventually decided that his main channel would act as an an "archive" for his old content. Jerma also participated in several charity events e.

Jerma himself donated several hundred or, more likely, even thousands of dollars to charity. On September 11th, , Jerma's second channel, 2ndJerma , was created. As Jerma initially planned in his update video, The Philosophy Going Forward , the second channel was designated for highlights of Jerma's streams, while the main channel was planned to be for content that Jerma puts more effort into and actually feels like working on.

Although the main channel is now treated as an archive, the 2nd channel is still in use as was originally intended. From this point forward, Jerma's main form of direct output is on Twitch, in the form of streams. Each stream could be anywhere from hours long depending on how much Jerma hates himself that day.

He has no consistent schedule, but generally streams a few times a week unless he breaks all his bones , and has a command that you can type in chat to see when he's planning to stream next: "! He has no direct involvement with 2ndJerma unless something wacky happens. Initially, 2ndJerma's role as an official source of stream highlights of a Bostonian E-clown was smoothly sailing, with the highlight of a stream being uploaded a few days after the initial broadcast.

However, as the years went on, Jerma just kept broadcasting for longer and more frequently, which caused a backlog to start piling up for the 2nd channel. The time between Jerma streaming and a highlight video being made of it was getting longer and longer.

At its worst, the 2nd channel would be at least a year behind from the current events in the Jermaverse on Twitch. This massive gap in time led fans to refer to the uncut Twitch broadcasts as "the manga" and the more-condensed 2ndJerma videos being "the anime".

Over time, Jerma and Mack realized there was way too many streams and not enough editors. Other editors have been hired to keep up with the massive output that Jerma has. These other editors were originally fan-made highlight channels of Jerma's Twitch content, like Mack before he got hired. Some of these editors include JackEdit and SuperDazza. On December 9th, , Jerma's chat began to riot because he didn't play the original Zoombinis. Jerma ignored his fans, as he had a God complex at the time, and began murdering his fans when they crawled up his tower with a broom.

He even played pool with their skulls. Later, ten thousand of his fans broke into his office, stabbing him and tearing out his intestines as he tried to defend himself with said broom. He made eye contact with one of his fans, who was waving the flag of the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis , causing Jerma's life to flash before his eyes, realizing that he was wrong and that the Logical Journey of the Zoombinis was superior.

He was then thrown from the tower, with one of his superpowered fans saving him with flight. He made a full recovery in the hospital. Jerma is currently on the run from international authorities, and his whereabouts are unknown. Jerma now streams out of an undisclosed location Las Vegas, Nevada as his pursuit by international authorities and mercenary groups continues, seeing as though killing Santa has put an extremely large bounty on his head.

Despite his murder of Santa, Jerma still has an unending bloodlust and desire for bits, as well as terrible jokes. On January 12th, , Jerma sold his soul to the Devil to stream on Thursday. However, this was not an ordinary funeral—in fact, many likened it to a massacre.

Jerma streamed himself murdering and throwing away his many beloved memes into a trash bag for the world to see, and now he is currently being targeted by the Meme Overlords for his senseless killings. Jerma has hired an elite death squad using his endless amount of bits and Baldcoin with one goal in mind—to capture or kill anyone who attempts to resurrect these memes, in an attempt to completely destroy their history and identity.

Countless people have died or have been kidnapped after the formation of Jerma's "Meme Police," or MP for short. Those captured are transported to a blacksite in Massachusetts, but its exact location and purpose are unknown. Gaining the attention of international authorities yet again, Jerma and his "Meme Police" have now been labeled "An International Terrorist Organization," and the capture or destruction of Jerma and his group is now a top priority across the world.

Jerma smiling as he prepares to murder someone in cold blood for their use of banned memes. On February 17th, , Jerma streamed himself playing multiple light gun games, taking pleasure in the death and carnage he caused in the virtual world. It is possible that Jerma streamed these light gun games to show his prowess with a gun, to scare off anyone who might want to use any banned memes or challenge his rule. However, a peculiar twist of fate occurred on February 26th, , when Jerma exclaimed on stream to the joy of thousands, "Memes are now allowed, you have overthrown the king!

During his stream of Monster Rancher 2 on March 17th, , Jerma revealed that he has not left his streaming room in months and that he "gets fed through the window. Some even say that Jerma is being held captive by some mysterious force and that the only way to escape from the streaming room is to adhere to what this strange force wants. Is the "real" Jerma being held captive and forced to do these horrible actions?

And if so, who has captured him? Or is his reclusiveness simply a way for evil Jerma to hide from authorities? It looks like we might never know unless Jerma states it otherwise. To evade law enforcement and to feed his crippling gambling addiction, Jerma moved to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

To prevent custom agents from recognizing him and to save on money, Jerma took a hot balloon containing multiple other people and a month's supply of Caprese Sun and Velveeta. When he emerged in Las Vegas a month later, he was unshaven, malnourished and near-death, and had witnessed all of his friends he had met on the journey horribly die in combat.

On January 23rd, , Jerma died live on stream, as predicated during his streaming of Pandemic a year prior. Chat was heartbroken, and watched his ghost struggle for several minutes before it managed to claw itself back into his body. Jerma is now a sentient zombie, and is only kept from rotting from a steady supply of Cheez-Its and Wine Coolers. On September 21st, , Jerma spent at least 20, dollars on an elaborate Carnival stream with help from AndyMark.

Chat took control of various robots, abusing them to the point of breaking them, while Jerma gradually went insane and was dunked in a tank of ammonia piss water multiple times. He dabbed twice and sneezed once, on stream. He was eventually blown away by mph winds and was presumed dead, only to be rediscovered in Las Vegas, having been carried there by the winds.

During the bits reading segment of the Tony Hawk's Underground stream on January 31st, , Jerma has revealed he procures the majority of his daily nutrients from pouches of baby food, which he proceeded to further demonstrate by consuming one on stream, all the while insisting they contain the nutrients of a 'full meal'.

Considering Jerma's size approx. It is unknown if he also wears a bib. On April 8th, in the Viewtiful Joe stream, Jerma confirmed that due to his miniature demeanor, he has been residing inside of a suitcase. It is believed that Jerma's specialized diet is specifically tailored to maintain his gnomish stature, allowing him to live nomadically in his suitcase.

While streaming Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction , Jerma made the grave mistake of showing his Funko Pop collection behind him on stream, immediately causing chat to decry him as a cringe normie Redditor, and causing the most anger in his fanbase since he murdered 30 innocent people 2 years prior. Jerma only dug himself deeper into the hole by admitting he did look on Reddit, but only sometimes.

He was widely mocked for this, including on his subreddit. Jerma had a somewhat short political career when he briefly ran for president as a third party candidate against republican Gandalf the Grey and democrat Homer Simpson. While Jerma had shown signs of genuine political prowess at the beginning of his campaign, he would eventually spiral downward. He would often imply that his opponents were uninformed and waste time during debates and never stated his own opinion.

He was even known for smoking cigarettes during debates and even showed up to one seemingly oblivious to the fact that he wasn't wearing any pants. His political career would finally come to an end when he showed up to his last debate, shockingly, in a nice suit and well groomed hair. He began with an engaging speech that was able to capture the audience briefly, which ended quickly as Jerma ripped his clothes off and began speaking incoherently.

Authorities responded immediately and violently arrested Jerma as he tried to fight back against the police. Jerma made a failed attempt to bribe the police officers by telling them "if you let me just open the door and fall out on the highway, pretending that I escaped, I will deposit grand into both of your bank accounts. In May of , Jerma put a multi-week hiatus on streaming due to some medical problems that were hindering his ability to entertain while streaming.

This included chronic pain in his chest and lower back, which was caused by a hernia that had gone under the radar for several years. While seeing doctors, he also caught a potential problem located in his prostate as well. He sought out treatment and the medical hiatus lasted until July 30, and in the meantime Jerma would play reruns of old streams on his Twitch channel.

Additionally, if Jerma eats enough french fries on stream he has agreed to cap off the stream by taking off all of his clothes and continue on to play Doki Doki Literature Club! Jerma was once a very influential and famous person, having his own wrestling company , police force , currency , and more.

However, after the murder of Santa Claus and the genocide of hundreds of innocent memes, he has become an infamous and feared criminal. During a lie detector test, the current Jerma revealed himself to be another from "at least 3" Jermas, and not the original Jerma. The current status and whereabouts of the real, original Jerma are unknown, but rumor has it he joined a circus in France and has since had a very successful career.

As Jerma's self-confidence is tested and consistently misjudged, the chances of escaping this insurmountable burden lessen by the day. Jerma is the owner and sole proprietor of the Jerma Wrestling Federation , a global wrestling federation where celebrities, mythical beasts, criminals, and freaks of nature duke it out for cash and glory. He often participates in the events himself as well.

Jerma was present in the first-ever Jerma Rumble , where he was the second-last wrestler to enter the ring. He rigged it this way so that he would have a better chance to be the winner. He eliminated Grandpa , Byeah , and finally Glue Man to win the event and become the champion. This was the beginning of a heated rivalry between Jerma and Glue Man. Jerma was also present for Jerma Rumble 2. He rigged it so that he would be a later entrant again, but Santa Claus realized this and targeted him, quickly eliminating him before he could do anything.

The crazed streamer threw a hissy-fit because of this, running to the venue's parking lot and smashing Glue Man's head through a car window in rage. He was restrained by security, but the damage had been done. As the champion of the first Jerma Rumble, Jerma had the honor of giving the opening remarks for Jermania He got into the ring to hype up the crowd for his upcoming championship match against Cap'n Crunch , the winner of Jerma Rumble 2.

However, he was interrupted by Glue Man striding into the ring. Glue Man announced that Jerma was going to be facing him in the championship match instead, so he could get back at him for the brutal, unprovoked attack earlier that year. Jerma would learn later that he would be facing Glue Man because Cap'n Crunch was mysteriously absent. When the time for the championship ladder match began, Jerma and Glue Man were ruthlessly at each other's throats.

However, their match was interrupted by Cap'n Crunch, who came dancing and singing through the crowd towards the ring. Cap'n Crunch then defeated both Jerma and Glue Man, retrieving the briefcase and becoming the true Jermania champion. Jerma was one of the wrestlers involved in the reality show spin-off, The Rumble House. When they went out to the bar together he spilled his drink on Glue Man's chest after a heated argument.

However, in the end, it was Glue Man who managed to attract the most attention and seemed to have the most fun. Maybe it's better to be loved than it is to be feared. Jerma realized this, and it made him consider changing his ways. After his time in the Rumble House and his sound defeat at the hands of Cap'n Crunch, Jerma was humbled and became less of an asshole. He didn't rig his position in Jerma Rumble 3 , but also had stopped working out, appearing much less muscular at this event.

This ultimately cost him, as he had the technique but lacked the strength to fight the beastly Gabe Newell , who was frustrated that he kept being snuffed for victory, and was eliminated by him. Jerma was one of the earlier wrestlers to enter the ring in Jerma Rumble - Live Action.

He apparently really let himself go after Jerma Rumble 3, this time appearing with a bulbous belly like an egg or something. He engaged in a test of strength with Jay Buffet , which was interrupted by Burgah Boy. Jerma was then eliminated by his rival Glue Man , who choke-slammed him out of the ring and onto a table of fruit at ringside, knocking him unconscious in the process.

Later, Demon Lord Zeraxos appeared enraged in the venue to find Jerma. Discovering him unconscious on the broken fruit table, Zeraxos threw a shitty CG fireball at him that burned him alive and turned him into a skeleton. Jerma eventually recovered from being incinerated by Zeraxos' magic. In Jermania - Stream Edition he reappeared to give the opening remarks, having regained all of his flesh.

You could tell by his weird face that he was still a recovering burn victim though. Jerma later appeared in a grudge match against Glue Man, which was a back-alley brawl in the garage. Their rivalry boiled over before the cameras could get to them, jumping right in. Eventually, Glue Man ended the fight with a spinning headlock drop onto the concrete floor, which put Jerma out of commission and won Glue Man the match by knockout.

Jerma was also present for the Rumble portion of the event, after recovering from his defeat by Glue Man. However, he was quickly eliminated by the savage Dr. Oetker , hardly staying even 30 seconds in the ring. Fortunately, Jerma got another shot at glory after the mysterious time reset.

In the second Rumble he was one of the first two wrestlers in the ring alongside the VR Guy. Jerma gave the opening remarks for Jermania , showing he had regained all of his belly fat from the Jerma Rumble - Live Action. He would next appear in the Rumble segment, where he eliminated Earl Vump and the Gorilla. Excited by his first winning streak in a while, Jerma climbed to the top turnbuckle to perform a flying elbow-drop on the downed Etalyx.

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