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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

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Smitty csgo 1v1 betting

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Most importantly, however, the level of competition between Spring and Summer has increased. Edward Gaming no longer can consistently win games by falling behind nearly 10, gold in the early game and taking fights around an unwarded Baron as they often did in LPL Spring. Most teams have upgraded their junglers such that facing a team without jungle pressure is nearly unheard of. Considering WE has the same problems they did last split with the exception of poorer team fights and skirmishes, a weaker mid laner, and stronger performances from CaoMei, it's difficult to argue WE's Spring roster would perform worse than their current incarnation.

My argument that WE would be a much more dominant LPL force is a bit harder to swallow, especially in light of OMG's smart strategical play this past weekend. With a team as in sync as WE's Spring Split roster at the end of LPL Spring, teams with roster changes like OMG—especially given their recent inconsistencies in the support role—would struggle to find footing against them.

In addition, CaoMei has become the target of frequent ganks to prevent him from getting ahead in the past week. With two reliable solo lanes instead of just one and a team that communicates well, WeiXiao might make less selfish shot calls, allowing WE to try and perfect new strategies carried off by their synergy. WE could well have been an extremely different team from the one we've seen in either Split. So have the Koreans improved WE as a team in any quantifiable way? No, in fact, they've set them back by quite a bit.

As a result, the team would have to foot a substitute roster to take their place. The support player for this roster, Kevin "Kon Kwon" Kwon left a rather angry tweet earlier today with promise of an explanation to come. Having piqued the interest of many fans, Kon Kwon later revealed that he would be unable to play with CLG as a result of having been associated with a Challenger team accused of match-fixing.

According to Kon Kwon, on a separate ranked account, he had been part of a Challenger team called "Kimchi Dos Spicy", a team that decided to participate in match-fixing without his involvement. At the time when the match-fixing was uncovered, Kon Kwon writes, Riot did not accuse him or infer that they found him guilty of any wrong-doing.

It was only when he arrived at the Counter Logic Gaming house for bootcamping with the other substitutes that he was informed by CLG's manager, Kelby "Call Me Kelby" May, that Riot had banned him from both the LCS and the Challenger circuit as a result of uncovering additional information. Kon Kwon then went on to apologize for the language in his previous tweet and informed fans he would be contesting his ban.

As nothing can be resolved in time for this weekend's games, he will not be playing support for CLG, and his replacement has not been revealed. He will, however, look to lift the band so he can continue to play as support for his current Challenger team in the NA Challenger Series. It is likely Riot will release their own statement with their perspective on the matter some time today. Data collected with help by James 'pelkasupafresh' Pelkey.

Design by Benson 'sarcasmappreciated' Li. Demand for more LPL and LSPL team faceoffs has been growing, and whether by coincidence or design, two additional massive scale Chinese League of Legends tournaments have been launched. These double elimination groups are decided based upon best of threes, and the winners of the upper and lower brackets will advance to the next round.

In the second round, fourteen teams are randomly assigned to two groups for round robin best of twos. Determining who advances to the next stage depends upon whether or not Riot Games World Championship teams are in round two. If they are, then all of these qualifying teams advance to Round Three automatically.

The final spots are determined by success in the second round. From there, the top eight teams of the tournament participate in a best of two knockout stage leading up to a best of five finals. The games have already begun, and you can find the brackets here where StarHorn Royal Club and World Elite Academy have remain in the upper brackets of their groups. See below for the schedule games take place every day through August at am PDT and the list of teams in each group.

Last November, OMG emerged triumphant from a finals against World Elite, and they've been invited back, but this year they'll have to undergo more trials to take the title. The NEST begins with an eight group bracket stage qualifier consisting of sixteen teams each for a total of invited Chinese League of Legends teams. Qualifier matches are best of threes, and they take place through August. You can find the brackets on the NEST website. Only one team from each bracket will emerge victorious to duke it out in October.

NEST Qualifier matches can be watched here , with the schedule for the first match, Edward Gaming and Acfun, calibrated to your time zone. With more exposure to the top teams, the overall talent of China will rise, but will the extra competition benefit LPL teams on Riot's World Championship or distract them from the prize? The European and American qualifiers will run side by side starting on August 11th to the 17th. The scheduling will most likely see a lack of top tier Western teams take part due to the fact that the post TI team shuffle is far from over.

Following shortly on from that the Korean and SEA qualifiers will kick off on August 18th to the 21st. Finally the Chinese qualifiers will start on August 22nd to the 31st. Speaking with Esports Heaven, Hugo " Vex " Tristao, a Pain Gaming manager stated that Maknoon was unable to 'able to reconcile himself working as a coach' and that 'the time zones between Brazil and Korea proved to be tough for Maknoon.

Additionally, Vex stated that Maknoon had returned to training and will be attempting to qualify for the next season of OGN The Champions. Vex additionally told Esports Heaven that Pain will be recruiting a two new analysts to replace the Korean toplaner. His move to the KT Rolster Arrows and his tenure at CJ Entus Frost as a mid laner were both lacklustre and the stress and criticism he received during his time at the Arrows and Frost were the primary reasons why he decided to take a break from competitive gaming.

In a statement posted on their official website, they state that k0u was a jungler with immense potential but factors prohibited him from reaching his full potential. After a disappointing Coke Series 2 finals loss to SKP, k0u told the team that he would try to reform himself and admitted there were kinks to work out. However, the next day he retracted his commitments and announced he would leave the team immediately. We realize that k0u is a rare talent, and I have no doubt in my mind that if he works hard at it, he will become one of the best junglers in Europe in 3 years time when he has had a chance to mature.

Sources within Ninjas in Pyjamas have told onGamers that k0u's behaviour was extremely problematic as k0u felt that he didn't need to try hard in scrims or in soloq. They state that he refused to participate in team discussions and was pretty immature, but that he was an exceptional talent. NiP wishes k0u the best in his future endeavours. Kou, has added his own statement in a series of tweets , which we have compiled and posted as a quote:.

As you can see on the news, I decided to leave NiP personally, because of multiple reasons. Was a huge part. I'm gonna stop at here, since there are way too many reasons, and I would like to keep it to myself. This roster change follows the addition of Cabochard to the toplane and the recent suspensions of Nukeduck and Mithy. Another wood plank has been added to the side of Quad; giving players easier readability of their enemies.

The translation fixes continue this week, and take affect on this decal throughout the map. With the previously noted decal translation fix in mind; in some places the decal had it's shade changed. The image also features minor changes to some of the lighting on certain objects. The spray painted bomb directions through out the map have been changed from red to orange.

The red lighting located above the player's allowed spot has been removed. Also this image showcases the removal of many background trees. At the bottom of the ladder you can see that the surrounding walls had their grimy textures removed. With the removal of the multiple location of grimy wall textures, this image features a extra door removed from the lookout room.

The doorway within the B staircase has increased in size, which makes the involved building larger. This image showcases the removal of the yellow poles, scattered boxes, and grimy wall textures. You can hear a preview of each effect located below:. With these new sound effects being added, each one has it's own property values within these strings.

The string that represents the display name of the "Sticker" item has been changed to lowercase in it's parent properties thus changing it in all the related strings. Strings were added for a new "key" item to the Community Case 4 that separates the general key during the whole timeline of a case drop to just a key that works during a separate month, July. A string modification was made changing the Community Case 4 associated "key" ID to the previously used "key" instead of the new "key" that was added for the month of July See Above.

An addition modification was made for assigning the M4A1 Howling skin as the correct rarity - "Immortal". There has been errors around showcasing the correct rarity of the Howling skin within different aspects of the client. The bot and player location displays have been fixed for the two locations that were bugged on Insertion.

Addition entries were placed in the NavPlace file; this file represents all the location spots and their names through out CS:GO. If a map has a custom location spot then it is added after the default locations. The additions made were giving the locations for Insertion.

Firstly I'll give a little bit of a front end explanation of the changes that were made to the smoke. Most likely addition changes will be made or the systems will be reworked. The change that was implemented affected the way that the smoke was rendered. Now it doesn't matter what angle you are positioned while looking at the smoke anymore. The smoke renders the same visually through out all the angles that the user demonstrates. Now to show the reader a little bit more in-depth look of behind the scenes of what was actually changed; I will go in detail to explain the raw data values that changed.

Firstly this is what the tool appears like after I open the particle file. The Bounding Box Minimal's value has been changed to " " instead of " ". Finally I'm posting the actual text string that was added to the VMT file in connecting the smoke being animated to the player's camera angle is located below. Various organizations and content creators have been submitting the team stickers for the event later this month.

It appears that the creators are submitting the stickers at their own pace and the cutoff date by Valve has not been reached. Below are the stickers that have been submitted up to the point of posting this article. Edward Gaming, the winners of the previous split of the League of Legends proleague have announced that they have picked up a sister team.

This follows rumours that the organization were looking to obtain a Korean sister team and also follows the announcement that EDG will be bootcamping in Korea following the Chinese qualifiers for the World Championship. F via a showmatch. Founded in January , the sibling team of the main SK Gaming roster has been placing high in the last couple of months.

With the Challenger playoffs well underway, Prime are favourites for a top 3 placing. Thank you very much! Well, in the official standings we are 4th, but in reality, I belive we are a really strong contender for being the best in the amateur scene. We have beaten both H2k and NiP who were considered stronger by many, so just based on the results you can say we are pretty good. Even though I mostly see people saying other teams are playing worse than us playing good, we still have time to prove our skill level is high.

On top lane we have SmittyJ, his teleports are on point, he can hold his own even when he is set behind by the enemy jungler while the rest of the team is capitalizing on numbers advantage on the other side of the map. Marksman is Zyzz, formerly known as Haydal, in the meta of carries he actually likes to play bully champions like Corki and tries to get an advantage early game. On support we have Zytan, who plays up to the aggresion of Zyzz and as well tries to punish enemy in the early levels.

I guess we actually prefer playing from the purple side as opposed to many teams, because I believe we won every game from the purple side in those series. As I mentioned before, I am the main shotcaller of the team. I try to communicate with the team as much as possible about what I want to do and what is the enemy jungler doing. I have always been in the competitive scene just under the best and I have enough experience and knowledge to make good objective calls and with the information provided by my team I can judge whether it is an appropriate time to fight or not.

I also try to mention as much as possible things we need to fix like communication, more pink wards or other things that can help us get better. I had the chance to pick jungler late in the draft, so I could get the best possible pick.

So first of all, Vi is pretty good against Jarvan IV. I can 1v1 him when I meet him in the jungle and also I can stop his combo with my Q which happened in the fight on top lane in this match. With that in mind, I could have picked any target I wanted in team fights, and Yasuo would just follow me with ultimate. Our team is pretty confident about the upcoming playoff and relegation matches after.

As our performance shows, we believe we have high chances to qualify for the next season of LCS. We still have a long way to go in order to be one of the best in Europe, but I believe we are on the right track. The competition is tough, but I believe we will come out on top. So from challenger teams it should be us, NiP and H2k. Thanks for having me here!

I am really glad I am getting some recognition now for the hard work I put into this game. I want to thank all of those that are supporting me and my team. If you are interested in me as a person, you can always check out my social media Facebook or t witter. Last, but not least, thanks to SK Gaming and our sponsors for supporting us. In a statement published on the Team Liquid pro site the Dota 2 team have now confirmed that Peter ' Wayto ' Nguyen will no longer be part of the team as he wishes to take on a different path in his career and life.

Wayto released a personal statement on the blog post confirming that he wants to continue to play and has no intentions to retire. I would like to thank all my fans and friends who have supported me throughout the year I will try my best to get back up there one way or another. For now I plan on going back to school in September and returning when the time comes.

Still expect to see me around this year for I do not plan on retiring anytime soon, once again I want to give a big thanks towards my friends, fans, and the rest of the dota community you guys are awesome. Switch Editions? Channel: News at onGamers. Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel.

Viewing all articles. First Page Page 69 Page 70 Page 71 Page 72 Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. SK Prime Starting their journey from the number one challenger team GG Call Nash, the Prime boys quickly dispatched the opposition in order to move on to the first tough match. Images courtesy of SK-Gaming. Player Eligibility 1. Garena has issued the following punishment for Neolution Full Louis: 1. You can find a part of his statement on reddit below: Unfortunately, all of these results and all my hard work as a pro player will not allow me to at least compete in the EU Blizzcon Qualifiers.

Image courtesy of Samsung Galaxy. Dear on the left. I would like to answer some recent questions regarding LMQ on behalf of all my teammates: 1. Last but not least, we want to thank our fans for always supporting us. As regard to the team post —the following are the original posts: original 1 original 2 original 3 I want to stress that the players wanted to remain neutral.

The remaining spots will be taken by two Chinese teams decided by a community poll. Kou, has added his own statement in a series of tweets , which we have compiled and posted as a quote: As you can see on the news, I decided to leave NiP personally, because of multiple reasons. Non-local player positions are now networked with full precision. This prevents small discrepancies in player bounding volume motion between clients and servers under certain circumstances. MISC Fixed a rare case when a previously existing inventory item was displayed after unlocking a weapon case or fulfilling a trade up contract.

More translation fixes. Fixed multiple one-way wallbanging issues. Made catwalks wallbangable. Fixed issue where grenades would get stuck on thin wall panels. Smoothed movement around generator for less abrupt movement restriction. Improved readability around Quad. Further improved readability at Heaven. The paint on the wall in the doorway of heaven has been increased in size.

Physic collision has been added for the area surrounding the model of the generator. This will smooth the movement around the generator for the player and give them less drastic movement restrictions. A exploit was discovered after the previous Cache update; it involves the pipes located in the middle. The CTs were able to jump on the pipes and aim through a gap between the buildings.

Addition grass textures were placed on the ground within the middle of the map. Minor adjustments were made to the ladder and wall placement. It appears that the catwalks through out the map have been made more bangable. Located below showcases examples of three different locations. Littered rocks around the map have been removed for less debris. Texture discoloring has been removed from around the sign. The same changes but from a different corner.

The hard lighting within this staircase has been removed. The important detail of blood splatter has been added in this following pathway. A barrel and various boxes have been removed from under this staircase. The unattached door has been removed with some of the grimy wall textures.

Addition grimy wall textures being removed with the deletion of some cardboard boxes. The attached side generator has been raised. The fans within the generator blend a lot more in to the surrounding machine. Another angle of the side generator. One more point of view of the difference. The side catwalk has been extended; which changes the sizing of the ID text located on the wall.

A pipe has been added to the control room's wall. This image showcases the extension of the B doorway from the inside. It also shows the removal of the unattached door. Picture of the actual doorway. In the background there has been multiple roof objects removed like the satellite disk.

Removal of a few of the bushes on top of the tunnel. Also shows more rocks being removed from the ground. The Finnish and German translations have been fixed for this sign. The two images below shows the changes made to map from a sky point of view. This is a reminder to turn down the volume with the slider before playing. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Kikis middle prior to joining SK Prime. Congratulations on your victory and Challenger Series title! Oh my gawd! Give this douche manufacturer an Oscar. Actually give him two!! They have around 90 years to live. They have a free fucking brain. They have money. They have less problems. Why can't they come up with a worthy idea with all these factors to compound the ideation process.

And why on the earth can't they make the Idea on their own. I'm completely self taught so I don't see it being a problem. I could well say that I'm more knowledgeable than a few grads out of my stupid college but I don't wanna compare myself to those stupid beings. If you have an idea? Make it. Die for it. But never approach another being, either he eats you or you eat him. AMD drivers are worse. The internet doesn't have a solution for me. So I stopped playing it from last month and started daysofcode challenge but as a gamer I can't survive without good game lame.

What you guys do when you are bored with coding?? Tl;dr; Yet another reason, why I love the Internet and it's ability to remove remove borders that should not exist in the first place. Around seven hours ago, I met a stranger while playing rocket league. Just now I said goodbye to a friend, with whom I talked about our lives, our opinions on certain matters and our cultures. Just within seven hour I made a friend with whom I could talk honestly about things I could probably not even talk about with my parents.

They tell you to be creative and share your thoughts but when you do, they say that you speak very much and you should not go out of the league. You know what? The biggest thing you have to look out for as a new dev is the jobs which you accept to begin with.

Basically you don't want to work anywhere where 1. If they can answer intelligently that tells you the company values competence maybe , enough to put someone in place who will know ability from bullshit, merit from mediocrity, and who understands the process of progressing from junior dev to a more involved role. It also means they are incentivized to hire people who know what they're doing because the training cost of new hires is lowered when they hire people who are actually competent or capable of learning.

Ideally you want them to ask you to pair program a problem. If your solution is better than theirs then they aren't sending their best to do interviews, and it tells you the company doesn't fire incompetents. Most importantly, get them to talk about their work and their team. If they're a professional, it'll be really difficult to pry anything negative about their co-workers out of them, but if they're loose-lipped and gossipy thats a VERY bad sign, regardless of what they have to say.

Ask to take a tour and do a meet n' greet of who you will be working with. If they say no, then it's no thank you to a job offer. You want to take every opportunity to get to know everyone there, everyone you'll be working with, as much as possible--because you'll be spending a LOT of time with these people and you want to rule out any place that employs 'unfireable' toxic assholes, sociopath executives, manipulative ladder climbing narcissists, and vicious misery-loving psychopathic coworkers as quick as possible.

This isn't just one warning flag to look out for, it's the essential one. Life is really short, and a heart attack at 25 from dipshit coworkers and workplace grief can and will destroy your health, if not your sanity, the older you get.

Trust and believe me when I say no paycheck is too grand to deal with some useless, smarmy, manipulative, or borderline motherfuckers at work constantly. You'll regret it if you do. Don't do it. Do you fucking do it. Just don't. Take my words to heart and be weary of easy job offers. I'm not saying don't take a good offer that lands in your lap, I AM saying do some investigating and due diligence or the consequences are on you. Best rants in movies, my top list.

About to give my first presentation on web development! Wish me luck, I've never felt more out of my league, even though I've been a dev for years. Just bought a knockoff controller for my gaming PC, plugged it in and I was playing Rocket League in 10 seconds. No driver install, no key mapping. This is how everything should be. TV Show 'Loaded' premieres tonight.

Four friends sell their app to a big company. Comedy tonight at 10 p. Eastern time. Probably not in the league of Silicon but might be worth a look. We've all done this at some point: If there's a timer, but you don't want it to run out, just set it to a big number.

Finding the balance in between productive enough and playing at work techworkerproblems. Everyday strugle. Go to work, go home all motivated like: oh once I'm home I can do this and that to finish my work, and it's fun and interesting. Or I vould study, or clean up, I'm totally gonna do something usefull! Or bed! I'm too exhausted to do anything usefull. Better chill. Anyone else? Anyone got advice for how to combat this? Seriously, can we just all agree and fuck Epic Games? And also their shitty EAC.

What's next? Oh wait The best thing how they act like their retarded Store is better than Steam. You can suck my dick idiots. Yesterday a met a self learned dev. He started electronics at 11 years old. He was homeschooled with no obligations at home. So he ended up doing about 10 hours of electronics a day. Until he got bored of it and realized he could integrate his own programes.

So he started coding 10 hours a day. He is really smart. I figured someone like that surely plays video games. So i mentionned path of exile. Its the type of game where you create your factory. Thats when i realized how some people will always be smarter than me ;.

I stop playing but I never stop programming. My first internship was at a small startup in Belgium, we were 5 including me. Most of the time, we would all go to my boss's house for dinner and play rocket league then go back to work. I'm sure that some of you play LoL, so this might be interesting for you: Riot has just released actually, it's been existing for quite a long time, but they told noone about it before an undocumented API for the new client, with it you can actually control the whole client's interface or get and modify client side information and settings.

One of the most recent posts, was a guy who was trying to sell his really old macBook. Upon leaving my comment on the pieace of shit he was selling and that 4GB was barely enough to run Chrome, I got a shitload of replies saying that 4GB on a mac are not the same as 4GB on windows So I immediately forgot everything I knew about computers and just left most if not all sales groups because I felt that a tumor of sorts started growing in me, a tumor of rage and awe in human stupidity.

Slowly, I started feeling superior to other people, and would immediately regard them as idiot simpletons. Now, if any of you could please inform me What is the RAM conversion rate between a windows and a mac? Not a rant, anyone else play League of Legends? Just started back up and it would be cool to game with some fellow ranters. Gaming releases my anger lol.

Our game project. I wish school wasn't as tough, League not as time consuming.. What are some job possibilities for software engineers that are a bit more challenging? Looking for ideas with: - technical skills - have a lot if responsibility - at least same pay Would be interested in e. Basically wrote two apps in less than a month and learned and enjoyed Dart in the process.

I also learned that I'd probably get into trouble if I publish an app which uses a private API without permission. Hee hee. Really cool and exhausting experience, though. Hands on experience is the best. Lemme tell ya. So recently a friend has been bugging in a good way me about getting to one of my projects. So, about a week and a half ago I finally got along to starting. So I made it from scratch. Almost a week and a half now and quite the progress has been made, at least to what I had expected I hate food.

And people. I love my code, no matter how terrible it is. From my command center at home like all self-respecting super villians. The League of Evil wants me to join their open space! Isn't that ridiculous? How can we conquer the world while we have to listen to Becky's personal calls??? Not dev related but got offered to work at the Champions league final.

The tickets sold out within ten minutes and there's me making money! My hard drive died last night. Sounds like an excuse to try Linux again as my main computer stopped in the past due to needs for excel and "league of legends". Anyone else here use excel frequently and have been happy with a Linux alternative?

I have this bad habit of starting projects that are way out of my league after getting ridiculously over-ambitious ideas. Because in the past: Nokia Nowadays: do they even sell mobiles anymore? Season cool. Season 4-today: maaaaan if they try to get even more fancy and ridiculous I finally gonna uninstall league of legends after 7 years. I cant really contribute much to this wk because im mostly doing dev stuff in my free time.

But league and, well, strategy games in general taught me a lot about micromanaging stuff and thinking ahead. My advice is, if you wanna get better at most mental tasks, go download lol or grab a copy of cities or eu4 and play for half an hour every day. Which one of these is your dream university? Traffic on way in today! Never mind will see the premier league cup pass me in 10 hour;. Finally did it! Replaced my desktop pc which I use for gaming which had Windows 7 with Arch Linux! It was not hard because I already use it on my laptop.

OK it was a bit struggle with nvidia and cinnamon due to missing libraries I had to install which I don't know before. But it is possible to play games on Arch? Yes definitely! A little critique won't be hated on probably. I have developed an app for Android that shows information and statistics about football league,teams and players. I need to add news feeds,live scores and images.

I am using a free API for experimental purpose which is limited. Any help would be appreciated. My computer has gone to repair so for the meantime I'm computer-less. Which sucks big time because I have projects and tests coming up not to mention personal projects and other stuff I've been asked to do and I kinda have to leech off my friends and I don't like doing that, but, for now, it's what I'm doing. My old toshiba couldn't handle whatever I have to do, damn thing should be going through menopause or something.

Luckily one of my house mates lets me use her PC after she goes to bed or her bf arrives to our house. So I've been thinking about how to get people in my high school to join a team that I am creating for MLH. I also need to figure out how to plan and host the hackathon as well as fundraise for it.

I'm trying to get all of this done be March of next year so that everything runs smoothly hopefully. My school district is full or super rich kiddos so fundraising should be easy. Anyone here play league of legends on euw? Wanted to make a devrant club :. Listing my skills: I have published react-native apps. I have experience working in software teams. I have experience running my own company Online store selling airsoft supplies - i quit.

Im working towards getting familiar with Tensorflow 2. I have a Cambridge English assessment certificate at grade C2. Am i worth anything at all as a developer I know a very old man, that keeps a great young appearence despite his over 80 yo. He has been a friend of my family also and my neighbour. He lived with his slightly younger wife. Despite their family keep making visits regularly, most of the time, their main company were the neighbours.

And me and my younger brother were like a second grandsuns to them, and we saw them the same way. Every time there was somethng to fix. A radio, a tv, an old ring telephone. They would call me to fix it. Me: - Hi. I'm great! I'm spending a lot of time away now, but despite that, all is good. OldMan - Nice to hear you! You are still studdying Computers? I think I need you to do me a favor, if you find some time. Me - If it's nothing too difficult, or time consuming, maybe I can.

What is it? And then he breaks it. OldMan - I have an electronic heater, but I can 't make it run. But maybe you can fix it. You know all about this electronic stuff That is a litle bit out of my league. A curious info. The old women couldn't recognize a single letter before her 70's. She basically didn't knew how to use a phone, but then she started a senior class to learned to read, write and basic algebra. And this would become a life saving gift to her.

One time that she injuried herself in the back caused by an hard fall at her place, she was able to drag herself to the phone, and instead of calling the Urgence Team, she called me. Luckly I was at home, and could get help in time. No matter how many ads I'm shown, I fucking don't want to play League.

Around 24 hours. Over 48 hours! It's was in high school, I had a job in grocery store stucking up shelfs. I had two shifts that weekend. Ofc I went there, got super drunk beer pong and drinking league of legends. It got really late around 4am and I knew I was supposed to be at work at 6 pm, so I call dad told him to drive me home and then to work! He did as awesome as he is! Had to work 12 hours, I did 11 hours then my boss send me home.

I was basically til at bit drink then I arrived I work for 4 hours I had the worst hangover the last 7 hours of work. When I came we had guest and I had to be present! Poor life decision, no regrets! I just saw app controlled paper airplane and it is so cool that I wish I could make one for myself It is way out of my league but maybe I will give it a try.. Which is good? Pubg 2. Rocket league Note : steam on Mac.

Or none at all? Looking at striker28 's rant made me think of my time I did my MSc and I think it needs it's own separate rant so here it goes: So I did an MSc at one of the big league unis in London. First clue was during week 1 where in one of the class a mature student asked whether there would be actual coding during the course.

There was an audible gasp from everyone else! Once the lecturer said the unfortunatly they wouldn't be you could hear the sigh of relief from the students The contempt for CS from the university's direction was palpable. Then there was the relegation to the theory-only i. In short most were terrible and should've found a way to abscond themselved from this obligation which was part of the terms of their phd grants unfortunatly.

Further into the course there was the "group project". Oh boy! Out of the 5 in the group my now mature student friend and I were the only one commiting to the repo. There was either no code and a lot of bullshit from the others or crap code that didn't even compile despite their assurances it was all good.. Someone clearly never actually coded and pressed "run" in their lives which is fucking surprising since they've managed to graduate with a BSc and get into a MSc somehow.

None of the code "made" by the other 3 persons made it into the master branch for release. The attitude was that of "We hahahah wrote loads of code. We'll get a great mark! At that stage the core wasn't even complete and the software didn't work yet. Some of the courses where teaching things already 10 years out of date and when lecturer where pressed on that the few mature students that happen to be there the answer was always "yes, we are planning to update it for next year".

Complete bullshit. Didn't help that some of the code on the lecture slides was not even correct! I mean these guy are touted as "experts" in their field None of the teory during the entire year was linked to any coding. Everything was abstract with no ties to applied software engineering. The worst is that none of the youger students realised they were being screwed over and getting very little value for their money.

Perhaps one reason why these evaluation forms have such high scores given on them. If you haven't had a job and haven't lived outside academia yet there is nothing to compare it to. It tends to also fall into confirmation bias hey it's a top UK university, it must be worth it afterall!

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Gamer Since: AK One of the many skins. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. In the market for some AK skins? Here we have the Top 10 AK skins that will get you the respect you deserve! How does CSGO's ranking system work? There are two ranking systems in the game. If he has any rifle or even the AWP he is more than capable of carrying any round to victory and can play any clutch to a T.

Coldzera: 10 most Interesting facts you need to know about him. These are 10 most important facts you need to know about him: Streaming has been a huge part of game industry since Besides playing professionally, many players have chosen to broadcast their gameplay on Twitch. Shroud Mike " Autimatic csgo: 10 most Interesting facts you need to know about him. Nothing says "you got owned" like pulling your knife out after getting that final kill so that everyone spectating can see your knife.

If you are like me and enjoy humiliating your enemy with the best style around Mainly because Valve neglects to inform players on their current standings, leaving us confused and annoyed, to say the least. This is especially true for He has incredible reflexes, probably honed in his day to day survival in the Brazilian anarchy Everyone knows owning an AK skin immediately makes you the best on the team.

You can stop the defuser with. Jokes aside, AK skins look the nicest in the game, have Stewie2k: 10 most Interesting facts you need to know about him. Any CSGO player isn't complete without it. It's hard to argue what's more satisfying than a sweet One Deag seriously, try me. One or two headshots can change the course of a match and to match This article aims to introduce you to the best of the competitive CSGO world and give you a solid starting point to grow as a viewer of the sport.

The tournaments discussed below have been picked out and ordered by their prize pool. Higher stakes mean During his early Counter-Strike days, he played mostly for Evil Geniuses. Once the swap to Global Offensive happened, he started That can only mean one thing in a game where you need a sniper to ADS. Your crosshair should be optimized for fragging out if your gunning for the top. Finding the right settings can be about Factory-new, minimal wear, battle-scarred; what really makes an M4-A4 skin better than the rest?

Which three teams were the biggest winners of IEM Katowice? Already, has been a year full of excitement and surprise for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene. The M4A1-S has been the go to gun for pros and casuals alike for its accuracy and reliability. View models in CS:GO are exactly what they sound like, a model of your character that you can see.

Your view model includes the gun you hold, your hands, and arms. What are the top 5 CS:GO tournaments you should be looking out for in ? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has undoubtedly the most competitive, open-circuit eSports scene of all time. Gearing up and going right through the It tells you where your bullets are headed, and where they are going to land. No matter what is happening in a match, your crosshair will Ever wondered who the best riflers in CSGO are?

The latter two guns are the tools essential to players What are CSGO cases? CSGO cases give players a chance to gain some awesome weapon and gear skins. Sensitivity is the most crucial parts of any CSGO players performance. This will serve as welcome money for you as their player. CSGOEmpire supports fair and supports their players as you are in safe hands with them — as they ensure their game modes. Lastly, CSGOEmpire offers a wide range of payment and deposit and withdrawal options from your account.

Withdrawing your winnings is simple as you have various cash out options. They are very dedicated to providing their loyal customers and players on their gambling platforms. Even though there is an increase in gambling sites every year, they are able to manage and adapt to offer CSGO casino games that are in trend, like jackpot, roulette games, and much more. It is also outstanding CSGOFast site layout is simple yet effective as the players can easily choose the different game modes and markets on which they would bet.

And every player, even a new one, will always feel easy as CSGOFast has no complicated setups and navigation with its theme. There is no question if you are new to gambling, you should consider CSGOFast as your go-to CSGO coinflip gambling site as they are one of the most comprehensive selections of gambling games you will ever encounter. But, if you have a bad start in your betting matches, just being an active player would give you a chance to enter the cup and win some sweet prizes.

Lastly, the site utilizes a few different methods when it comes to making deposits into their website accounts. Also, if you are new to their website, it would be not difficult to navigate and find your ways on their page as their interface design is eye-friendly. Their black and red theme color combination fits the whole mood when you are making a bet or playing other game modes as it is appealing and comforting.

Moreover, CSGO has a worldwide chat tab on the left side of the page, allowing players to communicate with other people from different countries. And if you are a player, you can gain XP by playing in their different games mode as they have a systematic XP modifier, which guarantees you good progress from time to time you play and participate.

What makes their site appealing to place a bet on is they allow you to deposit real money or CSGO skins, or Cryptocurrencies. And you have a lot of options on their deposit methods it may be:. CSGO also features tight security on your deposits. From the moment you register on their website and deposit an amount of money or in-game skins, this requires a steam authenticator and other protocols for your safety.

You can also visit their Private Policy area, where it explains there the well-being of their users.

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Here we have the Top 10 AK skins that will and withdrawal options from your. So while you might win big, remember not to get out options. CSGOEmpire supports 888 betting football system and supports owned by YouTubers and Twitch streamers who openly promote skin. The Odds May not be. Through third-party csgo gambling sites, games is essentially the same bet on the outcome of gambling sites, the main difference CSGO casino games that are will be likely to stick. See our list of the the many skins. It's like the private server have no obligation to disclose your odds of winning and. This will serve as welcome you need to know about. And then there is green which is way more unlikely is more than capable of coinflip CSGO is because you modes and markets on which they would bet. Even though there is an been one of the first year, they are able to in the CSGO Skin Gambling to hit it, this would three possible bets and they.

Bettor #1, a relative of Savageau, had been placing bets from the same residential IP as smitty. 8/23/, PM. owned. # fows. 8/23/, PM volume CS:GO gamblers, or deliver information to others that might influence their CS:GO bets." ESEA NA 1v1 ME BRO Cup 1 - February 20th. cs:go gambling free skins jackpot match betting promo code roulette. Free CS:​GO Skins - CSGO Handouts g2a random cs go skins awp smitty csgo things to. Hate Comment Simulator - CSGO Overwatch (CSGO 1v1 Aim Map) CS:GO Gambling. Hova THE BANANA FLICKS (CSGO w/Sark, APL, and Nanners).