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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

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Dove abita adriano paroli betting

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Contacted Countries. This can be achieved in practical terms by interrogating an expressly made corpus of Chinese English news texts and carrying out simple concordance activities. Effects of ewes grazing sulla or ryegrass pasture for different daily durations on forage intake, milk production and fatty acid composition of cheese. Sulla Sulla coronarium L. The duration of daily grazing is a factor affecting the feed intake and milk production of ewes.

In six cheese-making sessions, cheeses were manufactured from the 48 h bulk milk of each group. Compared with ewes grazing ryegrass, those grazing sulla had higher dry matter DM intake, intake rate and milk yield, and produced milk that was lower in fat and higher in casein. Ewes grazing for 22 h spent more time eating, which reduced the intake rate, increased DM and nutrient intake and milk yield, and reduced milk fat.

Due to the ability of CT to inhibit the complete ruminal biohydrogenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA , the FA composition of sulla cheese was more beneficial for consumer health compared with ryegrass cheese, having lower levels of saturated fatty acids and higher levels of PUFA and n-3 FA.

The effect of short grazing time on sulla was attributed to major inhibition of PUFA biohydrogenating ruminal bacteria, presumably stimulated by the higher accumulation of sulla CT in the rumen, which is related to a higher intake rate over a shorter eating time.

Thus, grazing sulla improved the performance of. There is a lack of research on the impact of study abroad SA on the development of L2 English when students study in non-anglophone countries. Lingua patientis: new words for patient communication and history taking.

The English language sometimes fails in its ability to describe the severity or complexity of medical symptoms and complaints. In frustration, patients or families occasionally create new words to convey the subtleties of their medical history. Although medicine has created a comprehensive technical lexicon for physicians, we have failed to develop a corresponding patient-centric vocabulary lingua patientis that provides more accurate symptom description.

The social networking of lingua patientis words might enhance history taking and afford improved appreciation of disease impact on individual patients. The English language is renowned for its capacity for flexibility and adaptability - we need to exploit this capacity for the benefit of our patients.

A Lingua Franca for Africa. Esperanto Documents No. The actual possibilities for communication among Africans are unsatisfactory. While the north has adopted Arabic as its lingua franca, most African states south of the Sahara still use the language s of their former colonial masters as official languages, thereby neglecting their native languages. This situation excludes many people from higher…. This article will provide an overview of current research focussing on the use of English as a " lingua franca" in international business contexts.

It selectively reviews research investigating the role of written and spoken communication in English and the work that has been done on specific text genres used by the international business…. Over the past 15 years or so there has developed a school of thought within English language education and applied linguistics globally which refers to the phenomenon and use of English as a lingua franca ELF.

The thinking of ELF movement researchers has placed their work at the centre of current debates about the form, function and legitimacy…. Il volgare e il principe. Politica culturale e questione della lingua alla corte di Cosimo.

Full Text Available Il principato di Cosimo I rappresenta un periodo di snodo fondamentale per la questione della lingua italiana. Italian and Japanese language in some japanese music scoresThe article will examine the main features of Italian musical language in some scores of the Japanese classical vocal repertoire of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The introductory part reviews the main features of the history and culture of Japanese music, particularly in the context of the Western system and its merging with the existing repertoire during the Meiji era; some particularly significant translated excerpts are presented, with some biographical information about the authors.

In the second part, the musical lexicon in some scores is examined in greater depth, classified in the following manner: 1 details of the type and title of the compositions; 2 agogic and expressive aspects; 3 indication of the dynamics. Vengono poi descritti i livelli di literacy alfabetizzazione funzionale presi come base da OCSE PISA per descrivere le competenze di lettura degli studenti quindicenni.

The Frameworks refer to the competences of mother tongue readers, but the components of reading, for itself, also need to be developed in the L2. After analyzing the National results of Italian students in the PISA survey and the results from the National test at the end of the first. Online tools and technologies for teaching and learning languages This article analyzes the development of technologies aimed at online communication in the 2. The first part describes the current situation of the Internet, with its technological resources and peculiarities with respect to teaching.

It is more and more important to keep in mind the new communication. The analysis of speech, particularly for emotional content, is an open area of current research. Ongoing work has developed an emotional speech corpus for analysis, and defined a vowel stress method by which this analysis may be performed. This paper documents the development of Lingua Tag, an open source speech analysis software application which implements this vowel stress emotional speech analysis method developed as part of research into the acoustic and linguistic correlates of emotional English as a lingua franca used at international meetings.

Full Text Available The paper deals with the use of English as a lingua franca. It concentrates on the environment of international meetings where English is used as a lingua franca. The aim of the research conducted through a survey of members of a NATO working group is to find out how native and non-native speakers feel about English used as a lingua franca during international meetings and how these two groups of speakers see each other in multinational interaction from the point of view of linguistics.

The sections dealing with non-native speakers concentrate on the level of knowledge of English and on how native speakers cope with the English used during the meetings. The sections dealing with the views of English native speakers should establish the approach they take towards mistakes made by non-native speakers, whether native speakers should adjust the way they speak at international meetings and how they generally view the fact that their mother tongue is used all around the world.

Saussure chiama, pascoli risponde. Nuove prospettive sulla ricerca anagrammatica. Language and theater: italian, a drama? This article aims at showing through examples and didactic activities, how the theater can develop learning Italian as a foreign language together with the intercultural awareness of foreign learners and create contexts for inclusion and learning.

Doing theater in a didactic setting and to encourage the inclusion of foreign students is an original and effective method to employ in the school setting. Thanks to this experience the foreigner can. Note sulla concezione del post mortem presso gli Ittiti.

I temi approfonditi saranno quindi: 1 il Largo spazio nella preparazione e presentazione dei talk viene dato ai giovani ricercatori. Exploring solidarity and consensus in English as lingua franca interactions. The purpose of this paper is two-fold: 1 to problematise the overly affiliative interpretations of English as lingua franca ELF interactions across all contexts and combinations of people, and demonstrate instances where this is not the case; 2 to explore the role of laughables and laughter These instances are dealt with through laughables and laughter sequences.

Sequential analysis of these naturally occurring audio-recorded conversations indicate that participants make salient and orient to what Promoting lingua franca English in Europe. The paper is based on a longitudinal study of factors influencing the local language learning and the improvement in English language proficiency among exchange students coming to Scandinavia. The study included four Scandinavian universities: two The paper presents findings on the students' perceived patterns of interaction and language use while in Scandinavia and discusses some of the consequences of EU exchange programs on the use of ELF Profili giurisdizionali.

Una nuova questione di giurisdizione — 2. La vicenda che ha condotto al ricorso - 3. Due opposte chiavi di lettura: a La violazione delle norme canoniche da parte del giudice ecclesiastico quale causa di un danno ingiusto ex art. Le confessioni religiose come formazioni sociali ex art. La Chiesa cattolica quale ordinamento giuridico originario e primario. Rilievi conclusivi. English as a lingua franca in higher education.

The last decade has brought a number of changes for higher education in continental Europe and elsewhere, a major one being the increasing use of English as a lingua franca ELF as the medium of instruction. With this change, EAP is faced with a new group of learners who will need to use This overview paper first discusses the changes that have taken place in the field of EAP in terms of student body, followed by an outline of the main findings of research carried out on ELF.

These changes It is argued here that EAP needs to be modified accordingly to cater for the needs of this group. These revolve around the two major issues: norms and standards for spoken English and target use. If the aim of EAP Composition of sulla Hedysarum coronarium L. Samples of unifloral sulla Hedysarum coronarum L.

These procedures have permitted the identification of 56 compounds that include norisoprenoids, benzene derivatives, aliphatic compounds and Maillard reaction products. Norisoprenoids were the major compounds in both extracts, dominated by vomifoliol 5. Other abundant single compounds in the extracts were 3-hydroxyphenylbutanone 0.

Composition of Sulla Hedysarum coronarium L. Antioxidant activity of yogurt made from milk characterized by different casein haplotypes and fortified with chestnut and sulla honeys. The CN haplotype was determined by isoelectric focusing, whereas antioxidant activity of yogurt was measured using 2,2'-azino-bisethylbenzothiazolinesulfonic acid and ferric-reducing antioxidant power.

The statistical analysis showed a significant effect of the studied factors. The results showed that chestnut honey presented the highest phenolic acid and flavonoid contents, which are closely associated with its high antioxidant activity. The antioxidant activity of fortified yogurt samples was affected both by different CN haplotypes and by type of honey added.

Yogurts fortified with chestnut honey showed higher antioxidant activity than those fortified with sulla honey. The different behavior observed among the fortified yogurts led us to hypothesize that the effects of protein-polyphenol complex on antioxidant activity are interactive. The results suggest that milk proteins polymorphism and polyphenols play different roles in affecting the bioavailability and the antioxidant activity of yogurt. Published by Elsevier Inc. Full Text Available Young children with multiple disabilities e.

Stimulating the adult-child communication can decrease these limitations. Within Lingua Bytes, a three-year research program, we try to stimulate language development by developing an interactive and adaptive play and learning environment, incorporating tangible objects and multimedia content, based on interactive storytelling and anchored instruction.

The development of a product for such a heterogeneous user group presents substantial challenges. We use a Research-through-Design method, that is, an iterative process of developing subsequent experiential prototypes and then testing them in real-life settings, for example, a center for rehabilitation medicine.

Italiano per Cinesi — Didael. Corso di lingua italiana online. Sono disponibili un Glossario, tre diversi tipi di dizionario il dizionario automatico, il dizionario, visuale e il dizionario fraseologico e approfondimenti culturali. This course takes into careful account the distance between the two language types, with grammar fact cards in Chinese and, above all, progression at levels A1 and A2 which is very carefully controlled in order to establish the bases of the Italian language.

A Glossary, three different types of dictionary an automatic dictionary, a visual dictionary and a dictionary of phrases. The Deceiving ELF? Can Englsh fulfil the role of a Lingua Franca? Full Text Available Abstract — The debate which surrounds the role of English as a lingua franca has been lively and extensive over the last twenty years or so. Numerous conferences and specific publications in the field testify to the interest and importance that the question of the development of a possible international functional language has stimulated.

The present article aims to critically reassess the claims made for ELF and, at the same time, highlight the profound significance of the issues the debate has raised. Discussion of ELF has touched upon the perception of linguistic diversity, inaccuracy and variation, intelligibility and the potential functions of an international language.

Other topics of profound importance that are part of the debate relate to the role of any language in creating and maintaining identity, enabling social mobility and empowering its users. Some criticisms of ELF proposals have been easily rebutted, but this paper aims to underline the serious linguistic and socio-linguistic aspects of the debate in order to emphasize the need for a theoretical underpinning to our understanding of how language can operate in the global environment.

Clarification of what we can and cannot know about language change and behavior will also contribute to ideas as to future research in ELF but will also bring us to the conclusion that predictions of the future development of ELF are of little purpose beyond the curiosity value they may possess. Keywords: English1; lingua franca2; non-native speaker3.

Feasibility study of a small hydro power plant in the drinking water supply scheme Val Pesta, Switzerland; Realizzazione di una microcentrale idroelettrica sulla condotta di adduzione tra le sorgenti Val Pesta e il serbatoio Pianascio. Studio di fattibilita. This final report for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy presents a feasibility study for the energetic use of the potable water from the Val Pesta, a small valley in Southern Switzerland.

These springs deliver water to the city of Locarno and to the municipalities of Lavertezzo and Cugnasco-Gerra. The springs are located m higher than the reservoirs. The hydraulic head can be used to generate electricity. Technical and financial aspects of the project are discussed. Estimated energy yield and cost figures are given. Sentiment Analysis per analizzare gli effetti del cinema sulla percezione dei luoghi.

The case of Puglia Region. In Puglia la realizzazione di pellicole di successo ha provocato effetti turistici e territoriali notevoli. Si intende passare al setaccio i Big Data tematici, tramite una scansione intelligente dei social network e poi riportare le valutazioni sentiment sul territorio pugliese espresse nei diversi luoghi virtuali di conversazione da parte della domanda turistica.

Film induced tourism is an undeniable phenomenon and it is necessary to study it sistematically and with sophisticated methods to allow policy makers to exploit, more consciously, its potentiality. In Apulia the successful movies maybe have caused tourism and territorial remarkable effects. It means making an intelligent scanning of social networks and then bring feedback sentiment about Apulia expressed in different virtual places of conversation by the tourist demand.

This kind of opinion mining study is totally innovative for film induced tourism and can lead to outcomes completely unexpected subverting, in some cases, subjective interpretations of the. Drinking water pollution. DNA effects reproductive disorders; Inquinamento delle acque potabili. Effetti sul DNA e sulla riproduzione umana. Monarca, S. Igiene; Mantovani, A. Moreover, researches have shown reproductive and developmental hazards for people who consume drinking water containing endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The aim of this review is to describe and evaluate the health hazards arisen from the human exposure to these drinking water pollutants potentially able to damage DNA and produce adverse reproductive effects. Gli stessi Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater statunitensi nel hanno introdotto per la prima volta l'indicazione del test di Ames come test di riferimento per condurre indagini di mutagenesi nelle acque.

Negli ultimi anni ricerche sperimentali ed epidemiologiche hanno messo in luce un nuovo problema legato all'inquinamento idrico: la presenza di composti che producono effetti dannosi sulla salute riproduttiva umana. Grazie anche all'incremento degli studi sperimentali di tossicologia della riproduzione, un numero crescente di composti sono stati identificati come possibili fattori di rischio per la fertilita' e lo sviluppo.

Inoltre alcune indagini epidemiologiche hanno rilevato possibili effetti dannosi sulla salute riproduttiva in gruppi di donne esposte a contaminanti idrici. Metodiche biologiche sempre piu' sofisticate sono in fase di sperimentazione e si spera che in futuro possano essere applicate anche per il monitoraggio degli inquinanti idrici tossici per la riproduzione umana. Repertori retorici e negoziazione culturale nei racconti di vita di rifugiati: Lingua Franca e implicazioni ideologiche.

Full Text Available Abstract — This chapter analyses the storytelling performance of an asylum seeker speaking in English for an international audience and recorded on a video released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The primary purpose of the study is to investigate the rhetorical structuring of the narrative in an ethnopoetic perspective Hymes , and to identify the presence or, even more significantly, marked absence of dialogic signs of intercultural negotiation deployed in the process of conveying to a culturally diverse audience a highly culturally situated story embedded in a personal narrative of displacement. At the same time, the study also intends to contribute to the current debate on English as a Lingua Franca ELF by addressing the issue of the inherently situated nature of ELF, and of the political and ideological implications of an ELF approach to intercultural communication in both asymmetric and programmatically symmetric power situations.

Because of their global outreach, these videos qualify as instances of ELF usage in a broad international context and are eminently suited to the investigation and discussion of ELF approaches to conventionally asymmetric institutional communication. The growth of English into a lingua franca has inevitably created linguistic deviations and innovations in the use of English. These emerging uses that result from the needs and preferences of speakers whose mother tongues are all different can be broadly identified as lexico-grammatical and pronunciation features and they compose one of the main….

Sono state calcolate inoltre le differenze in termini di PFS tra i diversi bracci di trattamento rapportandole con i costi dei farmaci necessari per ottenere il beneficio di PFS. Da questo punto di vista riteniamo che l'utilizzo delle "vecche chemioterapie di combinazione" per es.

Note sulla pianificazione territoriale e la tutela del paesaggio in Italia. The main feature of Monty Lingua is the coverage for all aspects of English text processing from raw input text to semantic meanings and summary generation, yet each component in Monty Lingua is loosely-coupled to each other at the architectural and code level, which enabled individual components to be used independently or substituted.

However, there has been no review exploring the role of Monty Lingua in recent research work utilizing it. This paper aims to review the use of and roles played by Monty Lingua and its components in research work published in 19 articles between October and August We had observed a diversified use of Monty Lingua in many different areas, both generic and domain-specific.

Although the use of text summarizing component had not been observe, we are optimistic that it will have a crucial role in managing the current trend of information overload in future research. The objective is to highlight some of the most typical features in relation to one of the most representative professionals in oral tourist communication, between expert and public: tourist guides.

The first part of the article is devoted to the definition of the language of tourism and, in particular, to the characteristics of the. Il panorama editoriale italiano offre pochi strumenti dedicati: tra questi Donatella Troncarelli, Dica Il linguaggio della medicina, Bonacci, e Daniela Forapani, Italiano per medici, Alma edizioni, Particolare attenzione viene prestata al lessico registrato nei glossari dei volumi.

Italian publishers offer few dedicated tools: these include Donatella Troncarelli, Dica Il linguaggio della medicina, Bonacci, and Daniela Forapani, Italiano per medici, Alma editions, This study aims to compare the two texts, highlighting their features and language teaching setting, showing how linguistic content is proposed, which skills are promoted, what the learning objectives are and what tools are provided. Particular attention is paid to the vocabulary in the glossaries.

The analysis focuses on the different language of the diaries and the functions that Antonia Pozzi gives them, functions that are both existential and poetic. In the intimate diary, in particular, the writing is on the one hand configured as a pharmacon, rising above contingencies to address philosophical and literary issues, but it is also a place to fix images, reflections and impressions in view of a future poetic revision, as shown by the precise correspondences present between them.

Incoming exchange students' learning and use of lingua franca English and local languages in Scandinavia. Each interview concluded with two tests: a picture description test and a basic vocabulary test; all interviews were recorded. Findings relating to the interviewees' language goals, interaction with others and language use in such interaction will be presented and discussed Effects of feeding green forage of sulla Hedysarum coronarium L.

The nutritional effects of sulla Hedysarum coronarium L. Eight lambs per diet had been previously treated with anthelmintic drugs to remove nematode parasites. Measurements of BW and feed intake, and counts of faecal nematode eggs were made. Carcass parameters were recorded after slaughter, and tissue components of the hind leg were determined.

Longissimus dorsi meat was evaluated for pH, colour, thawing and cooking losses, Warner-Bratzler shear force, chemical composition and sensory properties based on triangle tests. Relative to ryegrass-fed lambs, sulla -fed lambs had significantly greater dry matter DM and protein intake, a more favourable feed conversion ratio, and superior growth rate, final BW at days of age, carcass weight, yield and fatness.

These results were attributed to the high protein and non-structural carbohydrate content of sulla , and also to the moderate CT content of sulla Anthelmintic treatment did not affect lamb growth, as the level of parasitic infection initial and final was low. The physical, chemical and sensory properties of the lamb meat were not influenced by diet. Una prospettiva ermeneutica sulla genesi e destino del grafismo nell'epoca della tecnica.

Disegno dello studio genomico, ambientale, microbiomico e metabolomico sulla celiachia: un approccio al futuro della prevenzione personalizzata della celiachia. Considerazioni conclusive. Riflessioni sulla narrazione storica nelle voci di Wikipedia. Full Text Available What kind of relationship do the historical sciences have with Wikipedia? How should a reader approach Wikipedia articles dealing with history? Riflessioni antropologiche sulla religione - Some anthropological reflections on religion.

Full Text Available A series of general, theoretical and methodological reflections on the different forms of religious ideas and practices diffused among all human cultures is here proposed from an anthropological point of view. The first step is based on the consideration that the most diffused idea within very different social contexts is that of the existence of spiritual not-human invisible beings, capable of influencing the lives of the humans, if addressed in certain forms and in certain times.

A common character of the religious ideas in particular within the religious systems of the three monotheisms is that they do not accept a normal and ordinary way of confutation and critical discussion about the principles and central ideas.

They show a case of undisputable statements on reality and are founded on a trust in certain ideas and beliefs received from others, respected person or sacred texts, without a particular sensibility to accept the recourse to empirical evidences. The fundamental methodological aspect to be taken into consideration is that the religious ideas and practices have to be studied historically, because they are connected with concrete and historical problems of the human societies that produced them, and that they change continually in time, owing to different circumstances.

The comparative method is another indispensable instrument for the study of the religious phenomena; every religious system has to be examined in the context of the numerous analogies and differences existing between the various societies of men living in the same and in different times, which have been continually in contact among them, which generated influences and reciprocal loans.

On a more general level, it appears necessary, for the theoretical and comparative study of religious phenomena, to. Il doppiaggio: interferenze linguistiche sulla soglia tra inglese e italiano. Maggini and has recently turned into a medium for linguistic and cultural globalization and colonization. By taking into consideration the research and surveys carried out by the present writer on some cases of interference cfr.

Sileo and Sileo , this study aims to convey the image of AVT translation as a window which puts two different linguo-cultural systems in contact and influences the target language system. Il concetto di storia della lingua nell'opera grammaticale di Benedetto Buommattei. A questo dato di fatto si deve senz'altro l'opinione altrettanto estesa che prima dell' non esistesse il concetto di linguistica diacronica o cambiamento linguistico in senso scientifico, come pure quella non meno erronea che la linguistica, come scienza, sia stata fondata solo nell' In formal organizations, VCs are regarded as dynamic; people or work processes move back and forth between formal business processes and VCs.

It is interesting to see how VCs in enterprise landscapes can execute using a common understanding Effetti dei blocchi totali del traffico motorizzato sulla concentrazione dei principali inquinamenti atmosferici. Risultati : i risultati ottenuti hanno evidenziato che le concentrazioni di inquinanti subiscono complessivamente un calo nelle ore di blocco del traffico, ma risalgono rapidamente a partire dalle ore successive la conclusione dei blocchi e non subiscono variazioni significative nei giorni successivi.

I fattori metereologici vento e pioggia intensa rivestono grande importanza nel condizionare la concentrazioni di PM10 e benzene. Risulta, quindi, necessario effettuare. My reading leads me to claim that traditional Marxist thinking is compromised by its association with authoritarian and totalitarian stances, as opposed to Post-Marxist views of pluralism, libertarianism, and openness to the cultural climate of postmodernism.

This article explores the issues of pronunciation and comprehension in the English as a lingua franca ELF context of pilot--air traffic controller radiotelephony communication, and how these are handled in the proficiency rating scale globally used to assess pilots and air traffic controllers engaging in international flight and air traffic….

In this paper I outline the challenges for feminist language planning in the context of a global lingua franca--English. Drawing upon the views of speakers of "World Englishes" I discuss their reactions as well as reported practices in relation to gender-inclusive language use.

This reveals the complexities of managing the tension between the…. Conceptualising English as a lingua franca ELF as a tertiary To explore the clinical characteristics and speech therapy of 62 children with lingua -apical articulation disorder. PPVT was used to measure receptive vocabulary skills. The speech test was adopted to assess the speech development.

The children received speech therapy and auxiliary oral-motor functional training once or twice a week. Firstly the target sound was identified according to the speech development milestone, then the method of speech localization was used to clarify the correct articulation placement and manner.

It was needed to change food character and administer oral-motor functional training for children with oral motor dysfunction. The 62 cases with the apical articulation disorder were classified into four groups. The combined pattern of the articulation disorder was the most common 40 cases, The third was palatal disorder 4 cases, 6. The substitution errors of velar were the most common Oral motor dysfunction was found in some children with problems such as disordered joint movement of tongue and head, unstable jaw, weak tongue strength and poor coordination of tongue movement.

Some children had feeding problems such as preference of eating soft food, keeping food in mouths, eating slowly, and poor chewing. After 5 to 18 times of therapy, the effective rate of speech therapy reached The lingua -apical articulation disorders can be classified into four groups. The combined pattern of the. Data came from a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. A hundred Turkish EFL teachers working at two universities in Istanbul responded to the questionnaire.

Ten randomly selected EFL teachers and 10 teacher educators working in language teacher education departments of two universities were interviewed to elicit their views about the role of ELF in language teacher education. Findings of the study revealed a number of important results and implications for the field. Full Text Available The parallel existence of languages and cultures brings forward the necessity of studying this linguistic phenomenon and designing special methods of speech development for the bilingual children.

The particular attention should be given to the preschool age, for according to A. The peculiarities of language interference are described with the reference to the Russian-Tatar bilingual environment. The author believes that the bilingual interference problems are not caused by the phonetic and grammar system differences of the two languages.

To find out the potential source of inter-language transition and interrelations between the native and non-native languages, it is necessary to identify the cognitive, neurolinguistic and psycho-linguistic aspects. Therefore, the regional phenomenon of mass bilingualism among the Tatar population is examined by the author in the framework of the psycho-linguistic and cognitive approaches. The paper presents the model of the lexical and grammar categories formation based on differentiated preschool teaching of the bilingual children.

The proposed model makes it possible to overcome the limited viewpoint on the general speech dysfunctions, as well as the specifics of lexical and grammar categories development. It can be used for the further development of educational programs in psycho-linguistics, ethno-linguistics, onto-linguistics, cognitive linguistics, social-linguistics, contrastive linguistics and the language theory by means of extending the teaching course content.

III, Hilano Alla compresenza articolat. Full Text Available The article is written to identify lingua -cultural norms and axiological determinants of modern ergonomicon of Kazan implemented in borrowings from foreign languages, they serve markers of major changes in the linguistic landscape of the modern city viewed as a socio-linguistic category. The borrowed elements in the city ergonyms register synchronous state of axiological determinants of participants of interaction: individuals, organizations and companies that create public and commercial signs.

The common significance of the language of this kind of phenomena is determined by the possibility of using them to predict the range and diversity of linguistic and axiological changes, including the partial loss of national and ethnic identity. To create a high perlocutionary effect of ergonyms nominators use a variety of creative mechanisms, changing the shape and functions of native lexems, by borrowing lexems from foreign languages, resorting to different methods of derivation such as contamination, transliteration, hybridization, pun, etc.

Unfortunately, at present time these processes demonstrate fast increase. Most clearly this kind of phenomenon is explicated in preferred nominator names of urban sites, and advertising slogans, transmitting an alien principles and postulates to traditional Russian culture. La lingua 2 nel Web. Full Text Available L'articolo si compone di due parti. Nella prima si espongono alcuni punti focali del dibattito sul rapporto tra glottodidattica e tecnologie digitali dai dispositivi mobili ai software per la comunicazione, fino agli attuali socialnetwork.

L2 on the Web. Digital perspectives for teaching italian to foreignersThe article consists of two parts. In the first we illustrate some focal points in the debate on the relationship between language teaching and digital technologies from mobile devices to communication software and current social networks. In particular, we focus on the fact that the language of digital communication is a linguistic variety which L2 teaching can no longer ignore, and.

Full Text Available La lingua filmata appare oggi uno dei campi linguistici in cui il dialetto torna ad essere scelta registica e veicolo di nuove istanze comunicative, in stretta relazione con un nuovo modo di intendere e praticare il cinema.

Through careful analysis of the vernacular, the paper focuses on the motivations and the communicative effectiveness of the use of dialect and questions the degree of realism or linguistic mimesis that Diritti was able to reach. A New Exegetical proposal for De lingua Latina 5, 8. A group of undergraduate students was asked to produce an intralingual translation for the subtitles of the video Capsized in Lampedusa — Fortress Italia, which deals with the situation in Lampedusa after a boat capsized in October Influenze lunguistiche romanze nello sloveno letterario di Trieste.

La lingua di Boris Pahor. Full Text Available L'autore esamina la lingua dello scritto e t iestino Boris Pahor, urio de li eminenti creatori letterari in sloveno del secondo dopoguerra. Il materiale raccolto contraddice, dunaue. Feasibility study for a micro hydropower plant between the Campei springs and the Orgnana water reservoir of Magadino municipality; Realizzazione di una microcentrale idroelettrica sulla condotta di adduzione tra le sorgenti Campei e il serbatoio Orgnana del comune di Magadino.

Progetto di massima. A feasibility study for a hydropower plant to be installed on the drinking water supply of the Magadino community, southern Switzerland is reported. The elevation difference between the springs and the water reservoir is m. Three variants for the technical installation are considered. The turbine that could be installed would have a power of 10 to 20 kW and the yearly production would be 80, to , kWh. With this project the community could reduce this effective cost of the water supply under consideration of the electric power sales.

However, from the pure economical point of view the project is not sustainable and other non economic factors have to be included in the evaluation. Hengeveld, B. Young children with multiple disabilities e. Within Lingua Bytes, a three-year research program,.

From a sociocultural perspective, this study…. Full Text Available The prominent feature of rhizobia is their molecular dialogue with plant hosts. Such interaction is enabled by the presence of a series of symbiotic genes encoding for the synthesis and export of signals triggering organogenetic and physiological responses in the plant. The genome of the Rhizobium sullae type strain IST nodulating the legume Hedysarum coronarium, was sequenced and resulted in scaffolds for a total assembled size of 7,, bp.

Its features were compared with those of genomes from rhizobia representing an increasing gradient of taxonomical distance, from a conspecific isolate Rhizobium sullae WSM, to two congeneric cases Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. The host plant is of agricultural importance, but, unlike the majority of other domesticated plant species, it is able to survive quite well in the wild.

Data showed that that the type strain of R. The analysis revealed that the bacterium by itself is incapable of surviving in the extreme conditions that its host plant can tolerate. When exposed to drought or alkaline condition, the bacterium depends on its host to survive. Data are consistent with the view of the plant phenotype as the primary factor enabling symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria to survive in otherwise limiting environments.

In this thesis I investigate the understanding and use of the English emotion words guilty, ashamed, and proud by Japanese and Chinese speakers of English as a lingua franca. By exploring empirical data I examine 1 how Japanese and Chinese participants understand and use the three stimulus words In the thesis 65 participants are investigated. The participants consist of 20 native Japanese and 23 native Chinese. For comparison, a group of 22 British native English The framework, which is based on the theoretical notion of the word as an image-idea pair as suggested by the theory of linguistic supertypes, consists of three tests each addressing three different aspects of the understanding and use of the stimulus words: the Free Association test FA test , the Context Full Text Available Obiettivi : alcune abitudini di vita possono influenzare lo sviluppo fetale durante il periodo di gravidanza.

Sono stati arruolati come controllo bambini nati a termine e normopeso. OR: 2. OR: 1. Alcune osservazioni sulla schedatura dei registri del Segretario alle Voci. Le conseguenze sulla spesa farmaceutica pubblica di un nuovo inibitore di pompa protonica: esomeprazolo. Full Text Available Aim of the present study is to check the economic advantage of esomeprazole, a new proton pump inhibitor that suppresses gastric acid secretion.

The efficacy and tolerability of esomeprazole have been already demonstrated, now the pharmacoeconomic studies must investigate the possible savings for the SSN in case of esomeprazole immission on the Italian market. The effect in terms of volumes DDD and costs of the introduction of esomeprazole in the italian market has also been simulated. Pursuing his research on the Egypto-Semitic comparison the Author in this present note takes into consideration the lines of development of Egypto-Semitic and Afroasiatic studies from the pioneeristic period in the eighteenth until the last years, providing an interesting analysis on the different theories apply by the different school on the comparison.

Among the more interesting observations. Dissoluzioni, parodie o mutamenti? Considerazioni sulla storia nelle pagine di Wikipedia. Lingua del calcio come una lingua settoriale. Full Text Available The main motives of this article involve tecnical terms used by journalists in the Italian football press. The paper presents the Italian of football, its multiple aspects and its characteristics as a special language.

The aim of this article, in which we also consider the popularity of football press in Italy, is to analyse its semantic, stylistic, syntactic and textual features. Full Text Available The concept of film world appears particularly effective in film studies because it identifies movies both as worlds to be perceived, which emotionally involve the filmgoer, and worlds to be interpreted, which call for a philosophical enquiry on their meanings.

Emphasizing incommensurability among different film worlds, it explores two different screened cities: New York Manhattan, Allen and Dogville Dogville, von Trier In particular, it analyzes the linguistic effects of the redefinition of the characteristics of written language. This has led, at least in some contexts, to a general simplification of written texts, producing a sort of italiano scritto medio the variety at the base. Ecologia del Lupo Canis lupus in Provincia di Genova: distribuzione, consistenza, alimentazione e impatto sulla zootecnia.

Full Text Available Abstract Wolf Canis lupus ecology in Genoa province northern Italy: species range, population, diet, and impact on livestock breeding From to we monitored the wolf population of Genoa province Northern Italy to define its range and number, and to know the feeding habits of the species and the predation impact upon animal husbandry. By recording and mapping all the presence signs sightings, howling, predations, tracks, scats on a transect net covering the province above m a.

Penna massif, whereas in the remaining part of the province, already occupied in the previous years, the species was occasionally present. By snow tracking resulted that a small pack individuals was stable in the northeastern part of the province. The analysis of scat samples, collected from to , evidenced a diet based on three main food categories: livestock From to , 95 claims for wolf predation on livestock In the Wildlife Service of Genoa province and the Aveto Regional Park signed a protocol aimed to the safeguard of the wolf population and of the local animal husbandry.

Full Text Available Come si organizza un corso di italiano L2 per donne migranti? Not only language. Italian L2 for migrant women between linguistic needs and the desire for integration. How is an Italian L2 course organized for migrant women? Why are these courses different from other classes designed for adult immigrants? The three interviews in the appendix, from three different centers which offer Italian L2 courses to immigrant women, tell about how these indications can be put into practice to satisfy the desire for the integration and social inclusion of these students, making the language class more than a.

Sentieri liguri per viaggiatori nordici. Lingua franca of personality - Taxonomies and structures based on the psycholexical approach. Data sets from seven original trait taxonomies from different languages, American English, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Czech, and Polish, are used for a crosscultural study. The taxonomic procedures, involving culling trait terms from the various lexicons and the construction Of. Italian as lingua franca, the law of connected vessels and the improvement of the results into the multilingual class.

About a teaching experience. During lessons, the class has been enriched with students from different places in the world and who talked very different languages. Multilingualism had only one underlying theme: the Italian language used during the lessons. It was the same Italian language which they got accustomed to by living in Italy since about a year. The experience started from the hard fact that the only common knowledge was this basic-level Italian language.

So a new strategy was tested: to create couples or small groups made up with students linguistically different like anglophones with francophones. They were forced to use Italian language and let other students understand through their previous knowledges due to the daily contact with the Italian reality.

This brought very positive results such as the creation of discussions about the activities, the mutual correction of mistakes, the increase of communication skills through alternative strategies like mime or drawing. Despite the different individual and initial levels, Italian language as lingua franca let them understand Italian language more efficiently. Il gruppo di corsisti era formato da adulti provenienti da diverse zone del mondo e parlanti lingue distanti tra loro.

Study of the heritability of some agronomic characters in sulla Hedysarum spinosissimum subsp. Capitatum Desf. And Gr. In order to safeguard and to improve the fodder species Hedysarum spinosissimum L subsp. The model used requires, as a preliminary, the analysis of the variance for the estimate of its components. Families of plants half-sibs, resulting from natural pollination, were analysed. To support the idea of use of these variables in a breeding program, we estimated their heritability.

The analysis of the significance of this genetic parameter shows that ultimately three characters only are significantly heritable. Dalla grammatica alla pratica della lingua. Approcci linguistici medievali e umanistici. Full Text Available Recensione diLa pratica e la grammatica. The demand for internationalization puts pressure on Danish universities to use English as the language of instruction instead of or in addition to the local language s. The purpose of this study — though proceeding from the belief that true internationalization seeks to exploit all linguistic This case study concerns Danish university teachers' spoken discourse and interaction with students in a Danish-language versus English-language classroom.

The data are video recordings of classroom interaction at the University of Roskilde, Denmark. The focus is on the relationship Full Text Available In a wide-ranging theoretical framework, principally based upon discourse analysis and the studies on language and identity, this article explores the construction of identity in a corpus of oral narratives collected among the Spanish speaking communities in Milan, by means of sociolinguistic and biographic interviews, seen as a complex event in which both parties act as active participant-observers.

More specifically, the case studies will enquire, on the one hand, into the processes by which ELF users transfer typological, textual, lexical and logical features of their native languages and cultures to the domain-specific communication they are involved in, thus affecting their pragmalinguistic behaviours and interpretative strategies, leading ultimately to communication failure.

Full Text Available There are two questions that fieldwork researchers committed to the documentation and description of a minority language ask themselves before venturing into the depth of their projects: 'Whom am I dealing with? As trivial as they might appear, these two questions require a minimum of research to produce an answer able to define - without necessarily framing it - the target community and the role a researcher can play in it.

This paper focuses on the case study of the Kushi, a Chadic speaking group of north-eastern Nigeria. An unwelcome guest: the Non-NNS at the lingua franca table. ELF studies Full Text Available In the case of the Galician language, the translation of comics is quite important, because it contributes to the normalization of use of the Galician language and allows young readers to become familiar with the norm.

The article focusses on an analysis of the Galician translation with the French original and a Spanish version of the text. Ma come parlano i bambini stranieri nati in Italia? Second generation Italian speakers.


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