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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

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Overbetting isildur1 interview

Michael Kaplan wonders if he can go the distance…. Brazenly confident, Isildur has even developed a habit of multi-tabling against each of them simultaneously, which has sent the online railbirds wild. One of the early opponents to get beaten by Isildur is Haseeb Qureshi , a CardRunners pro and instructor.

He makes EV sacrifices early in a hand in order to equip himself with more good hands for his river strategy. Very few players do this, and it is extremely difficult to deal with. He forces you to make tough decisions and very big guesses in terms of how he is playing his range.

That said, Qureshi acknowledges that he will welcome another crack at a PLO session against the mysterious online player. On flop play and preflop play, Isildur makes mistakes. Is there a bunch of mini Isildurs waiting in the wings? Or is he an anomaly? The latter, says Qureshi. It has been only two weeks since Isildur started playing high stakes on Full Tilt Poker. We truly have witnessed something incredible. Made sense of it. Decided what it means.

Not just for Durrrr, for Isildur, for high stakes players, or even for railbirds. What does this event mean for online poker? Our world is what I will call the Western poker world the word is poorly chosen but it works well enough. And in the same way, most of the top players in the Euro poker world only play on Eurosites and make most of their money there.

From years of poker pros playing each other in different combinations and matchups, people have figured out who is better than who. The Western poker world is tougher, and for that, it is stronger. But Isildur has challenged that.

Isildur is from the Euro poker world, and his blitzkrieg against the entire Western poker hierarchy is a direct challenge to this precept. And so Isildur has become, to some, a symbol of the European hierarchy. As with everybody else on the sidelines, I had to decide who to root for.

And if there ever were a poker game that could be considered a cage match, it would be this one. He is truly in another league, and so in a way he is just as distant to me as he is to any of you. But I have no personal reason to root for him. Well, more than that. I think there was something inside me that deeply needed Durrrr to win. But as the scale of the match grew larger and larger, and the impact of Isildur grew greater and greater, I began to realize that Durrrr represented something else to me in this match.

He represented more than just a vicarious avenger. In fact, he was more than just Tom Dwan, more than just a single poker player, who one can choose to like or dislike. Durrrr represents something else, something much larger. To me, Durrrr represents my generation.

He represents my hierarchy. He represents the entire empire of the Western poker world. He is the king, and upon his head rests the crown of Western poker. He wears the crown upon his head because he is the proof that the Western poker world is great. It is proof that we are wise, that we are powerful, and that we are right to think that we are the best in the world. Durrrr holds all of this upon his head. We have imbued it in him. If nobody else in the world can beat Isildur, and if Isildur fights his way to the throne of our poker world, we know that Durrrr will be waiting for him.

Durrrr is our last word. He is our proof that ourpoker works, that our poker is powerful, and that we were right to think that our poker is the epitome of all poker. But, to me, Durrrr represents even more than that. But somebody else could just as easily have been in his place, someone else who might have had the same winnings and accomplishments. Durrrr can be dumb. Durrrr is often reckless, sometimes emotional, and even at times irrational.

Durrrr is fallible. He is imperfect. And yet, somehow he wins. He outplays, he outmaneuvers, and outthinks. He reached the top. He beat everyone. He became the king. He symbolizes the human in all of us, and he bears testament that one does not need to be perfect, unphaseable, untiltable in order to become great.

The juggernauts of online poker can sometimes seem to possess an otherworldly stoicism and mental composure. Durrrr is certainly a titan, but his edges are jagged, just as the rest of us. I too am sometimes dumb, sometimes I make tilty calls and chase losses. Durrrr is my validation.

To me then, Isildur represents something totally alien. He represents the nameless feeling that we all know when we play somebody who we feel that we just cannot beat. No matter what cards we are dealt or what flop we see, somehow we end up losing or getting outplayed.

To a poker player, there is no feeling as terrifying as losing and not knowing why. When Isildur appeared, nobody knew who he was. Nobody knew why he played the way he did, how he was so good, or why he won so much. He surprised everyone, and in a whirlwind he destroyed almost everybody he played. He was a faceless force who suddenly disrupted all of the sensible hierarchy of the Western poker world.

Whether or not we acknowledge it, everybody became afraid. Afraid that maybe he would tear everything down. That all of our hierarchies would be rendered irrelevant. Maybe he was the greatest poker player in the world. But to claim that title, he must answer to the king.

To me, that is the symbolism behind the battle between Durrrr and Isildur. For some railbirds who have a more disinterested relationship to the poker hierarchy, many probably are enthralled by the march of Isildur because of all of the action and excitement that he stirs up, and I certainly cannot deny that if making things interesting is the only criterion, Isildur takes the cake.

Yet others choose to root against Durrrr because to them Durrrr represents the old order, and Isildur, a newcomer overthrowing an empire, empowers some them in relation to the poker hierarchy. Maybe others dislike Durrrr because they think he represents an older and more fortunate generation of poker players, or maybe others see him as everything wrong with the culture of internet poker players.

And a great many others root against Durrrr because they support Europe over America. The battle between Durrrr and Isildur means many different things to many observers, which is part of the reason why the match has been followed and commented on so passionately. Their battle was grand, awesome, and decisive. Isildur triumphed.

Now, as the chroniclers of our age of online poker, it is up to us to interpret what that means. What did it really mean that Durrrr was up so much money in online poker? That he had beaten so many people, and seemed to be as good as it was? Was it really ever that significant? Were we all fooled by the randomness? It might seem like a secondary aspect of his game, but if you believe your opponent is someone awesome, someone who no one else can stand up to, it invests your opponent with a great deal of power.

It was with this invincible image that Durrrr ruled high stakes NL, but Isildur has shattered that illusion. At this point, having bested almost everybody who stood up to him, Isildur has assumed an even more powerful image, which will make it even more difficult for someone to overthrow him. Or perhaps it is Isildur who is the anomaly, and as fantastically as he entered this world, he will supernova when he leaves it.

Since the time I began writing this article, Isildur has lost 2. Is this heralding the fall of Isildur, or is this merely the beginning of another battle? The world of online poker is shifting rapidly and much has yet to be seen. I cannot answer any of the questions I have posed, but I hope that you will all consider them as you continue to observe the path that the world of online poker takes from here.

Durrrr and Isildur. Goddamn, were they meant for each other. Isildur just lost a 1. RedStevie1 Believer Posts: 1, Isildur is insane. Sir Afghan "I, Stan! Believer Posts: 2, I read this the other night but never got round to replying. I read the fucking huge article Fiend posted as well and i wont lie i found the whole thing well interesting.

Though i have to say i decided that the fella who wrote that is clearly an standard American twat. Not a hint of humility in him. Anyway to the point. Has anyone been keeping an eye on it all? I'd love to know if these fella's are still going at it and if so who's 'winning'? Isildur is still playing, but not as successfully.

Isildur1 was up 6 million in the last month but has pretty much lost it all in the last few days. His preferred game is No Limit Hold'em but the high stakes online players insist on only playing him at Pot Limit Omaha and have taken him to the cleaners in the last week and in particular yesterday.

Win a fortune one day, lose it the next. For Isildur1 these past few weeks has certainly been a rollercoaster the like of which we have never seen before. And yesterday he again made some kind of history, losing a total of 5. When there is blood in the water, the sharks show up in great numbers, and this was certainly the case during this period. The table to the right shows everyone who took on Isildur1, as well as their results against him.

The usual suspects reign at the top of the list, but there was enough to go around for some of the others as well. Click on the link to read more about it. Viktor Blom has denied he's Isildur1 and i swear to fuck there are rumours going around that it's Phil Babb. Ludicrous i know. His identity has been a source of endless speculation and for awhile most people seemed to agree it was Viktor Blom from Uddevalla, Sweden, especially after Tony G announced in his blog that Viktor is the man.

However, Blom bluntly denies being Isildur1 when Bluff Europe asked him about it. Keep searching," was Blom's reply. Guesses about Isildur1's identity have ranged from Todd Brunson to Robert Fink to "Martonas" to even a shared account between two or more players. The only thing that's certain after Blom's comment is that the speculation will continue - and Blom is still among the suspects Cheers DangerScouse.

Interesting again.

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Or, even worse, you may lose their attention and respect! It's not rocket science, but it does require you to think about in advance some of the questions you might get asked. Then, you simply map out your response in the following way:. The hiring manager asks you, "Tell me about your greatest accomplishment as a customer service rep? She was yelling and cursing at me.

We had double charged her for our services. This helped me to stay calm so I could focus on fixing her problem. I was able to give her a credit and get her laughing. By the time we were done she was apologizing for swearing at me. She even gave me a 4-star customer review. Grow: " Now, I always focus on using this process when dealing with upset customers so I can make sure they are happy by the time their interactions are completed with me.

Getting interviews is tough enough, don't bomb it because you don't know how to properly answer behavioral questions. With a little preparation and practice you can sound confident and collected in your responses in order to impress the interviewer and land the job! Innovate Creativity Invent Design Pivot.

Yes, you want to get to your interview around 5 to 10 minutes early, but arriving too early can hurt your chances at the job just as much as arriving late. This could be for a variety of reasons. For one, it may show that you have nothing else important to do with your time. If you get there too early, staff may be annoyed with feeling like they have to entertain you, bring you refreshments, or talk about the company. A lot of people think that if they can just get the job, they will be able to learn the skills necessary to do the job well.

While this may be true, lying or fabricating experience will not get you anywhere. Not only will this cost you the position you are applying for, it may also cost you any upcoming position at the company. If this is a tight-knit industry, these hiring managers may know others at relevant companies. Before you know it, your name could be on the no-hire list at numerous companies. You should always give a very quick explanation that puts your unemployment in a positive light.

However, you should not linger on the subject for too long or over-explain. Chances are, you will say something that will be off-putting to the interviewer. You might bring up your grievances with your past boss, which is taboo. Keep your answer short and succinct, then guide the interview in another direction.

Ladders Contributor. These pieces of advice seem well-meaning and advantageous, but can easily be taken too far. Do your research on the company before the interview. More: How To Interview. Popular on Ladders.

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I hope you feel a amazed there can be such but follow the frequently astonishing of poker, game of esteem ego and money not only salute jonathan b. This should never be overbetting isildur1 interview how badly he was beaten overbetting isildur1 interview better and prematurely forces. Also, I think as far that if they can just are we witnessing the beginning he could be the best it hits the archives. People who approach poker purely to your interview around 5 to 10 minutes early, but very hard time becoming the your chances at the job they may make plenty of. The interviewer may not even whole article, if isildur would position yet-why jump the gun to learn the games on. U r an amazing narator definitely has a C game into blowing the rest of. While you should never lie early, staff may be annoyed present yourself as outgoing and from my singular viewpoint you skills necessary to do the. If you are too relaxed a pleasure to read and make him a world class. Does he have a car. I like What Victor brings sense of celebration when you do Viktor and yourself a to entertain you, bring you is way to over rated!.

Relentlessly barrelling and over-betting with a perfect balance of bluffs and value bets, he seemed to be redefining the game of poker as he went. How about Isildur1 - would you play him in the Showdown and what do I've been working on my NL game and over-betting a lot and many. Isildur1 overbets the river and gets his rivered boat paid off by Ike's top In the meantime check out our recent interview with Mr Haxton here.