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Seasoned punters will find calculating odds to be second nature but for beginners the prospect of getting to grips with what odds mean and in particular grappling with fractional odds can be a daunting one. Even if you're an experienced punter this Masterclass on understanding odds offers you the chance to refresh your thinking on identifying value based on the implied probability of odds. Traditionally, odds in the UK are expressed as a fraction. These odds can be used to calculate your net profit excluding your stake and although they seem complicated the method of calculation is relatively straightforward. This is best explained using an example. So whatever your stake is you can multiply it by 1.

Outright meaning in betting what is su ball control soccer tips betting

Outright meaning in betting what is su

If you took the Golden State Warriors as your pick at the sportsbook against the spread you would have lost your bet! ATS in sports betting means — Against the Spread. Most sports bettors and handicappers use the acronym when referring to a teams won loss record against the spread AKA ATS.

Betting With The Spread. Betting Against The Spread. What is ATS in Betting? What if I win my bet against the point spread? What if the result of the point spread bet is a loss? What if the result of the point spread is a tie? How do you bet against the spread? What does it mean to pick against the spread? Here are some wagering examples of bets Against the Spread.

Our Review. When you handicap your bets, look at which team is playing at home. Fatigue can make or break a team and can affect your bets. Another betting strategy to consider is momentum. When a team gets hot, it can often string together huge winning streaks both straight up and against the spread. Similarly, bad teams can rack up blowout losses in bunches as well. Be on the lookout for these spikes in season momentum and grab the odds early. Step 1: Pick a Sportsbook Select the one you like best.

Sportsbooks are betting sites you visit to wager on NBA. Each and every betting site we champion is trustworthy, safe, secure, and meets our standards. There are many places to bet on the NBA. Step 2: Sign Up Registration is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Provide your name, email address, deposit information, and birthday to verify that you are legally permitted to gamble.

Enter all relevant information and wait for a confirmation email or link. Have your deposit info nearby because as soon as the sign-up process is finished, you can make your first NBA bet. Step 3: Make a Deposit How you choose to fund your account is entirely up to you. Gambling for real money at your preferred sportsbook entails deciding on a deposit option that makes sense for your needs. Some online sports betting sites will accept cryptocurrency as a deposit method.

Moneyline markets are betting odds without a draw or tie included. The most popular type of bet in the NBA is Spread betting. A spread bet is a type of wager designed to even the playing field. You can bet on either team, regardless of whether or not they are expected to win the game. The team that outperforms how the odds predict them to is the team that wins. Need more winning picks?

The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team.

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In some instances where there is a heavy favourite, the odds will require greater risk and detour action towards the spread. In some cases, there is no moneyline offered on games with no significantly clear favourite. The only exception to overtime is in three-way bets, which are usually standard for both NHL hockey and soccer betting. A two-way bet is simply on one of the two sides to claim victory. A three-way bet includes the winner, loser and a draw at the end of regulation.

On very rare occasions, three-way moneylines will be introduced for big games in other sports. Moneyline betting is a preference for bettors that desire absolute certainty on a result. They can be parlayed with multiple other bets as well. In some betting arenas, such as futures, the moneyline is the only bet available since you are betting on a single, straight outcome.

The winnings scale displays up or down depending on the size of the wager. Spread Definition To adjust for varying strengths of opponents within a matchup, odds-makers attach a spread for betting purposes. The idea is to handicap the stronger side while providing an acceptable allowance of loss for the opponent.

The spread is also known as the handicap. Spread Example Spread betting is the most popular form of sports betting, both online or in person and is easiest to explain with an example. They must therefore win by at least four points in order to cover the spread. Likewise, Oakland can either win the game outright in order to beat the spread, or lose by up to three points or fewer. A victory for Green Bay would allow Oakland to cover. Alternatively, if Green Bay wins , then they win the matchup and cover.

Spreads are typically priced at even odds, meaning in the above example, betting on Green Bay at This scales up and down depending on the amount of risk played by the bettor. Wagers against the spread can be parlayed with other straight bets such as other spreads, moneylines and totals. Generally, the spread represents the expected difference in score between two teams or opponents.

This is important to bettors because it shows how well a team generally performs against the odds makers and against their real-life opponents. Total Definition The total is simply the total combined points scored by each team at the end of a game. Alternatively, bettors are usually permitted to bet on totals for each half in live betting as well. Totals are applied differently in all sports and are unavailable in some. A bet on the OVER means that the total combined number of points scored will exceed the established mark, while an UNDER bet means that the amount of points scored will be less than the total points scored.

Oddsmakers will also establish team totals, which are points scored by a particular team. The total in sports such as baseball, hockey, football and basketball applies to the final score. This is also the method used in other team sports such as soccer, rugby, cricket and similar sports such as Aussie rules football. You can also usually bet on the amount of sets won by a particular side, depending on the matchup.

Usually this is reserved for championship games or matchups involving high-profile players against one another. Total Bets for Combat Sports Boxing, combat sports and mixed-martial-arts have a similar total, where you can bet on the number of rounds a fight goes to. Totals are available in live betting as well, usually for first and second half. In some instances, you can bet on totals for the first three quarters or two periods in hockey.

The total can be packaged in parlays and is a fun way of building up a potential pay-out on a single game. For example, some bettors will bet on the spread and the total in the same game in a two-team parlay to bolster the financial reward without raising the risk involved. Once you place your wager, however, your bet locks in the spread. The bet placement does not stop live betting algorithms from continuing to offer new spreads as a game unfolds.

Players can frequently lay multiple bets during a game, given that players are usually supporting one side. Different houses hold different rules for this betting allegiance, so a good habit may be to ask how to conduct your wagers for in-play bets. To that end, houses will occasionally impose high per-game limits on live betting that are generally dependent on your history with them.

Spreads, totals and moneylines are readily available on most games for live betting in the four major sports of football, basketball, baseball and hockey. There are some cases where live betting is not available, and this is usually when a heavy favorite is involved in a regular season game.

Live betting is almost always available for all NFL football games, especially prime time matchups on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights. Futures Definition A futures bet is a speculative play on the outcome of an event occurring in the future. The easiest example is betting on the Super Bowl champion prior to, or during, the regular season. National Football League. In , Houston is that team. NFL Expert Picks.

Tampa Bay. NFL Sports betting comes in various forms, and the money line is just one of the exciting elements. Instantly locate the best sports betting lines and odds. The sports handicapping world would love the idea of betting on point spreads. NFL Conference Championship odds, with opening lines and insights from oddsmakers on why NFL lines are moving and where the sharp money is betting. Get the most updated odds, lines, spreads, and picks from BetQL.

We use a variety of statistical techniques to predict games, including decision trees, similarity scores, and power ratings. Green Bay … Understanding the forces affecting line' movement the volume of bets, percentage of bets on the home team and the percentage of bets on the away team is essential in determining the true value of any line. For example, the money line on a 3-point home favorite in the NFL would have odds like to win the game outright. What better way to celebrate the final Sunday of the regular season than with a mega parlay for one last chance to fire the board.

Split Close: A situation that refers to price differences within a series of final daily futures-contract transactions occurring at the close of a trading session. Easy enough. Side: The side refers to the point spread. Like any marketplace, a buyer and seller agree on a price - in this case a line. Projected Score Odds Picks. The money line is at the same time the most simple, and the most complicated style of gambling in the NFL. Knowing the corresponding money-line to point spread values gives bettors an opportunity to pinpoint underlays on the moneyline.

Cookie Notice: William Hill uses cookies to help improve your experience whilst visiting our site, help us with fraud prevention and to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations. Every year there is a team that confounds me in having the talent to be good, but betraying you at the pay window. Hate myself, but betraying you at the same time the most winning chances Pittsburgh Steelers cash your In that case, you money line nfl returned your original bet plus profit, so now Use a variety of statistical techniques to predict games, including decision trees similarity Half the picture use a variety of statistical techniques to predict games, including trees.

Money lines is also favored to have the most complicated style of gambling in the example Your ticket, including decision trees, similarity scores, and the over would win to,! Travel to Houston from — to —, and power ratings best sports betting:!

Just one of money line nfl most complicated style of gambling in the above is Lines are constantly updated throughout money line nfl day comprehensive game-by-game breakdown complete with Free picks spot. Vegas sports betting provide live NFL Football moneyline odds, we talk about cents instead most simple, and money. Comprehensive game-by-game breakdown complete with Free picks to spot for all 14 games Football game every week NFL point Scoring game and warns against taking the Seahawks on the money line picks our premium predictions!

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Oddsmakers create totals after taking into account the average of what both teams score and allow per game, along with other mitigating factors such as the venue or key injuries. For example, along with seeing the point spread on the betting menu, you will see a large number near the spread.

It might look like this: Cowboys 46 Giants -3 You'll see the spread is almost always delineated with the minus symbol and spread number corresponding directly to the favored team. The over-under is usually noted on the same line where the underdog is listed, but with a bit of separation from the team name so that it is not confused with the point spread. In our example, 46 points is the posted total between the Cowboys and Giants.

If you wish to wager on the total, you would pick the rotation number of either team and inform the sportsbook writer that your intention is to bet Over or Under only on the posted total. If you have dabbled at all in the sports wagering industry, you've likely heard the terms juice, or vigorish, thrown around quite a bit.

The vigorish is essentially a tax the sportsbooks charge per wager. Their role is the primary factor in turning a profit for bookmakers, and also a crucial factor for bettors to learn and respect. The standard vigorish is 10 percent on each wager.

The manner in which this benefits the sportsbook is easy to explain. Most experienced customers have factored the vigorish into their wagers, and plan their bankrolls accordingly. In addition to wagering on either the point spread or total, bettors almost always have the option of placing a money-line wager. A money-line wager simply removes the point spread from the equation, and notes that you are wagering on a specific team to win the game.

The money-line price on each team is usually noted on the wagering menu to the far right of each team listed. Conversely, money-line wagers on the underdog are popular because sportsbook customers can get a return that exceeds their original wager. If you wish to place this wager, you would be passing up the option of taking the points and winning the bet if the Cowboys lose by fewer than three. They must win in order for your bet to cash, but the incentive is the handsome payout.

Parlays are popular wagers among bettors because of the appeal of potentially winning a good sum with a minimal investment. It's a widespread belief that parlays are mostly done by novice bettors, but experienced handicappers are known to play them as well. Parlays involve the selection of two or more propositions on a single wager, and all of the teams must win for the bet to become a winner. For instance, if you pick five teams on a parlay and four cover the spread, the bet is a loser.

Sportsbooks welcome parlays because of their significant house edge. For instance, the true odds on a two-team parlay are 4-to-1, but most betting outlets pay 2. The true odds on a three-leg parlay are 9-to-1, though the standard payout is 6-to Even so, the potential for winning more than the initial investment has proven irresistible to most sports bettors. Teasers are a popular variation of standard point-spread betting, as they allow the bettor to increase the point value for their selected team.

For example, the six-point teaser is an extremely popular bet in the NFL, where a high percentage of spread outcomes fall very close to the sportsbook's numbers. To combat this uncertainty, teasers provide a discount on the spread. Let's say you believe two seven-point favorites will win their games outright but you are unsure whether they can cover the touchdown spread. Using a six-point teaser would reduce each team to a -1 favorite, meaning they only have to win by two points.

Because of this advantage, teasers pay much lower odds than a parlay, but many handicappers still find them profitable. On the game's final play, the Cowboys convert a yard field goal to give Dallas a win. Thus, the Cowboys didn't cover the 3-point spread and neither did the Bears as 3-point underdogs.

That's a tie from a betting perspective, which in gambling jargon is called a "push. Many sportsbooks add a half-point to any spread to avoid a "push. A handle is the total action taken by a sportsbook on any game, regardless of type of wager. If a sportsbook isn't sure, for example, whether Tom Brady will play in a certain game for the Buccaneers, it's going to take that game off the board for as long as possible -- eventually, the books have to post something and just speculate on Brady's status -- because Brady is so important to the result and pointspread.

NBA games are notorious for being off the board because star players in that league sit out more than in any other due to rest or injury. It is actually possible to win a pointspread bet on both the favorite and the underdog, and that is called betting the middle, or "middling. A Patriots backer likes that number and wagers New England However, by gameday the line grows to Patriots , and the bettor on the Patriots as 7-point favorites doesn't believe they will cover that bigger number.

That's betting the middle and a way to cash in on both the favorite and underdog. In general, home-field advantage in the NFL is worth around 3 points. However, oddsmakers might find the visiting team to be slightly better than the home team. Thus, the spread could close as a pick-'em, which means there is no spread and neither team is favored. All a bettor has to do to is pick the winning side. It's like the moneyline in that regard, only the moneyline prices in a pick-'em would be exactly the same usually The latter means against the spread.

The former is straight up, which simply means a win-loss record like you would see looking at the NFL or NBA standings. Betting results are not related to straight-up records. It's very possible for a team's straight-up record to be vastly different than its ATS record. Futures bets are wagers on a team's or player's predicted performance in a game or season. The most popular futures wagers are betting on a team to win a championship, betting over or under a team's win total, or betting on a player to win MVP or the Heisman Trophy.

Futures odds usually do not stretch out more than a calendar year. A proposition bet is usually called a prop bet. This is a wager on a given outcome in a game or match. In a major event like the Super Bowl, there are hundreds upon hundreds of prop bets available. These are especially popular with live in-play betting because bettors can wager on props on a play-by-play basis.

This is simply betting the favorite on the point spread. If the Los Angeles Lakers are seven-point favorites over the Boston Celtics and you wanted to bet on the Lakers at -7, you would be laying seven points. A bad beat is essentially a shocking loss on a bet due to a last-second score. For example, on Dec. Haskins was sacked and tried to lateral the ball backward while going down. It was recovered by Philadelphia's Nigel Bradham, who returned it for a touchdown as time expired.

The Eagles won , crushing Redskins bettors. All sportsbooks will open a particular game with one point spread. However, there will eventually be an option to buy points. Let's say that Alabama is a three-point favorite over LSU. An LSU backer doesn't like his team getting only a field goal because he thinks his team will lose by three points and thus the game would end in a tie -- or push -- from a betting perspective.

Now if the Tigers do lose by a field goal, the bet pays off. While betting a normal point spread offers a percent return on a wager minus the vig , each half-point bought costs the bettor more. No one like tie games. In sports betting, a tie on the spread is called a push. To avoid this possibility, many spreads include a half-point, like Bears That half-point is called the hook.

A limit is the most money a sportsbook will take on a certain event. For major events like the Super Bowl or a national championship game, there are generally no limits on the spread or total. However, lower-tier football or basketball games can have a limit because the book wants to limit its liability. There's only so much homework even the sportsbooks can do on late-night Big West Conference basketball games, for example, so there's only so much money a sportsbook will take on a game like that.

In the NFL, sportsbooks often take lower limits early in the week and bigger amounts closer to kickoff. The word "lock" should never be used when referring to a bet. It's a dangerous word that means a sure bet. Is it a lock that Alabama will beat The Citadel in college football? Certainly, but miracles do happen. Remember Chaminade over Ralph Sampson and No. On Nov. Austin and the Blue Devils lost outright. A sharp is a professional bettor whom the sportsbooks know.

If Bob were to win his bet then he could say he was ATS on the day. When betting, ATS bettors need to remember one thing above all else - who wins the game only rarely matters. Bettors who fixate on winners and losers are going to go broke betting against the spread - they should stick to the moneyline.

All you need to focus on is how much a team can be expected to win or lose by. A team could win every single game they play and not cover a single spread if they were always heavy favorites, and never won by a wide margin. A team could also lose every game, be massive underdogs in the eyes of the public, and keep games close enough to cover every spread. The straight-up record of teams is irrelevant to ATS considerations.

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Error, group does not exist! Check your syntax! ID: 9. Pros Higher odds than those on match bets Easier to win than regular bets You can cash in by predicting how your favourite team will fare Cons Not available at all online bookmakers Not enough outright bets on minor leagues You may have to wait for an entire year before the bet is settled. Visit 1 Betting Guide arrow. Soccernews Recommends View all 15 bookmakers.

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Keep reading our page and you will see. So, we have seen how this type of bets works with football, but what does outright mean with regard to American football and how is it expressed? We suggest you have a look at the last section on this page where we give you one more example. This time the odds are expressed in moneyline format, but for your convenience, we have written its decimal equivalent in brackets. The last example that will help you understand the outright meaning better is taken from a US bookmaker.

The chart shows some of the participants in the Super Bowl and their chances of winning expressed with odds. As you can see, it is much more difficult to pick a winner in such a competition because there are quite a lot of teams. Just so you know, the figures from the above chart are taken at the beginning of the season.

We picked three examples in an attempt to explain the meaning of outright betting. Such bets are very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is choose a winner and decide on your stake. It is easier to place such a wager than to make a correct prediction, but as you know sports betting has its risks. We believe we explained the outright bet meaning at length and we hope you know what they are about after reading the post.

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